PM Modi and UAE President to Savor Kathiawadi Undhiya Among 18 Exquisite Dishes at Vibrant Event with 140 Chefs

Today marks the beginning of the grand culinary event in Gujarat, the ‘Vibrant Gujarat Summit.’ This summit is not only about business but also showcases exquisite dining experiences for VVIP guests arriving from both domestic and international destinations. The renowned five-star hotel, Leela in Gandhinagar, is gearing up to prepare special delicacies for the guests, with 140 chefs dedicated to crafting meals for dignitaries attending the Vibrant Gujarat Summit. The menu has been meticulously curated over three months for the esteemed guests, including India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the President of the UAE.

Preparing Menus in Three Themes

Chef Kapil Dubey, during an exclusive interview with Divya Bhaskar, revealed that they have prepared menus focusing on three themes: Ojasviya, Mission Life, and Gujarati Heritage. Each day is dedicated to a different theme, highlighting various aspects of culinary excellence. The first day emphasizes Ojasviya and Mission Life, the second day revolves around Gujarati and Millets food, while the third day focuses on heritage cuisine, featuring royal flavors and traditions.

Eighteen Dishes in One Meal

The menu boasts a variety of starters, salads, desserts, and main courses, featuring 18 dishes in each meal. The diverse offerings include star attractions from Gujarat’s local cuisines, such as Surat, Kutch, Saurashtra, and Gandhinagar. Every item is distinct, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the region.

Focus on Vegetarian Cuisine

Chef Kapil emphasized their focus on vegetarian cuisine, aligning with the values of Mahatma Mandir and Leela Hotel. Both venues offer pure vegetarian dishes, and even non-vegetarian enthusiasts can find a dedicated section at Leela Hotel to indulge in their preferences.

Innovations in Food and Beverage

Chef Kapil discussed their vision for a developed India in 2047, emphasizing digitalization in food and beverage. The concept involves integrating QR codes and classical food, ensuring a balance between technological innovation and traditional flavors. Each dish is unique, and the emphasis is on regional ingredients, including those from Surat, Kutch, Saurashtra, and Gandhinagar.

Collaborative Effort with Foreign Delegations

For the Prime Minister’s dinner, the focus is on concepts like Ojasviya, Mission Life, showcasing their commitment to the delegates’ health and well-being. A separate section is dedicated to foreign delegations, allowing them to experience India’s diverse culture through its culinary offerings.

A Team of 140 Chefs Working Around the Clock

Chef Kapil revealed that both Leela Gandhinagar and Leela’s other hotel have collaborated to provide assistance in food preparation for this grand event. A team of 120 to 140 chefs will work tirelessly, ensuring that the guests are treated to an extraordinary dining experience. The primary focus remains on vegetarian cuisine, with special sections catering to non-vegetarian preferences at Leela Hotel.

Showcasing UAE’s Renowned Dishes

Chef Kapil mentioned that the UAE President will be welcomed with a Welcome Drink, showcasing the renowned cuisine and Millets-based desserts from the UAE. The entire menu has been carefully crafted to present the best offerings from various regions of India and showcase the culinary diversity of the country.

Zero-based carbon menu prepared

In a vibrant Gujarat summit, it was revealed that the menu has been in development for the past two to three months. Work has already been done on the Vibrant Summit before, and this menu has been prepared based on the guidelines of this summit. We believe that if the mission is about a new way of life, then the menu should be prepared based on the mission’s life, sustainability, zero carbon, and more. Our organization has a brand concept called Ojasya, which the company prepared a year ago. This concept connects with the mission of life, creating a design for travelers.

Twisted with international flavors

It was further revealed that what travelers need, the nutritional value of nutrition, and how their life should be lived. This concept has been prepared based on this and is connected with the mission of life. Millets are also included in this concept. The menu is designed not only with millets but also with yearly celebration. This means that the menu has been twisted with millets, and with international flavors, giving a twist to nutritional value and creating a balanced diet for Gujaratis.

Guidance from Vibrant for Vibrant Work

Vibrant Gujarat is my first time, but those who have worked for Vibrant Summit have received guidance from these people about how it is, how many people are there, what kind of food is served. Considering nutritional value, including essential elements such as vitamins, protein, calories, etc., is crucial. As people travel, they need to provide healthy food and stay healthy while traveling. After considering nutritional value, fat content has been cut down and created a calorific value, making it a balanced diet.

Chef Kapil with over 20 years of experience

It was finally revealed that guidance for nutritional value has been received a year ago, designed based on various brands’ work in the last 20 years. Worked in various places like Russia, Dubai, Maldives, and different parts of India such as Gurugram, Mumbai, Goa, and Bengaluru. Having a background in hotel management from Bangalore University, Chef Kapil has been working as a chef for more than 20 years.

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