Tragedy Unfolds: CEO Mother Allegedly Murders Son, Transporting Body from Goa to Bengaluru in Shocking Incident

In a tragic deviation from the proverbial belief that a son may falter but a mother remains unwavering, a 39-year-old woman residing in Bengaluru has shattered this sentiment. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a startup company in Bengaluru stands accused of committing an unthinkable act – the murder of her own 4-year-old son within the confines of a hotel in Goa. Following this harrowing incident, she proceeded to conceal the lifeless body in a bag and embarked on a taxi journey back to Bengaluru. The Karnataka police have since apprehended the woman, securing both her and the victim’s body.

Co-Founder of Mindful AI Lab Arrested in Shocking Hotel Murder: 39-Year-Old Notish Seth Accused of Killing Son

In a startling turn of events, 39-year-old Notish Seth, the co-founder of the startup company Mindful AI Lab, has been identified as the accused in the tragic murder of her own son. The incident occurred during their stay at Goa’s Sol Banyan Grand Hotel, where Notish arrived with her son on January 6. The duo checked out of the hotel on Monday, January 8.

The notification arrived with her son on January 6 at the Sol Banyan Grand Hotel in Candolim, North Goa.

Hotel Staff Discovers Gruesome Scene: Goa Police Investigates Startup CEO’s Alleged Murder of Son

The shocking incident unfolded when hotel staff, attending to routine cleaning duties, discovered bloodstains within the confines of the hotel room where 39-year-old Notish Seth and her son had been staying. The alarming discovery prompted immediate action, with the staff promptly informing the hotel management of the distressing scene. Subsequently, the Goa Police were summoned to investigate the matter.

Upon arrival, law enforcement officials meticulously reviewed the hotel’s CCTV footage, revealing crucial details about the sequence of events. The footage depicted Notish Seth arriving at the hotel in the company of her son. However, during the checkout process, she was observed to be unaccompanied.

The stark contrast in the circumstances raised immediate concerns, prompting the Goa Police to launch a comprehensive investigation into the matter. The apparent absence of Notish Seth’s son during the checkout raised suspicion and necessitated a thorough examination of the events that transpired within the hotel room.

Woman Accused of Child Murder Insists on Taxi Ride to Bengaluru Despite Staff’s Caution

In a perplexing turn of events, it has been revealed that Notish Seth, the woman accused of murdering her own son, exhibited a determined insistence on taking a taxi to Bengaluru. Hotel staff reported that on Monday, she emerged from her room unaccompanied and approached them to arrange transportation to Bengaluru. Sensing the urgency, the staff conscientiously suggested considering a flight for a more expeditious journey.

Despite the staff’s counsel and the prospect of a quicker mode of transportation, Notish Seth was resolute in her decision to opt for a taxi. The staff, further emphasizing the potential financial implications of such a choice, advised against it. Undeterred, she remained steadfast in her preference for a taxi.

To fulfill her request, the hotel staff promptly arranged for a taxi, and Notish Seth, along with her luggage, embarked on the journey to Bengaluru. This crucial information now adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation, prompting authorities to delve into the circumstances surrounding her insistence on a taxi ride.

Suchana got married in 2010. In 2019, she gave birth to a son. This photo is taken from the X post of advice

Goa and Karnataka Police Collaborate in Discovery of Child’s Body

In a collaborative effort between the Goa and Karnataka police, the unfolding tragedy involving Notish Seth took a significant turn when the taxi driver, upon the request of the Goa police, reached the police station. The chain of events began with the Goa police contacting the taxi driver, obtaining crucial information, and subsequently engaging in a conversation with the informant.

During the inquiry, when asked about the whereabouts of her son, the informant informed the police that the child had been dropped off at a friend’s house in Fatorda. However, as the police probed further, suspicions arose when the provided friend’s address was found to be fabricated upon verification by contacting the friend in Fatorda.

Faced with mounting uncertainties, the Goa Police directed the taxi driver to proceed to the nearest police station in Karnataka. Subsequently, the taxi driver arrived at the Chitradurg Police Station in Karnataka, where a grim discovery was made—the lifeless body of the child concealed in a bag. Following this revelation, the Karnataka Police took Notish Seth into custody.

The motive behind the tragic murder is yet to be unveiled, and ongoing media reports suggest that the divorce between Notish Seth and her husband is a focal point in the preliminary investigation. The complexities surrounding familial relationships are being explored as investigators work towards unraveling the reasons behind this deeply distressing incident.

Tragic Custody Dispute Unfolds: Mother Allegedly Murders Son Amidst Bitter Divorce Proceedings

The heartbreaking incident involving the alleged murder of a 4-year-old boy by his mother, Suchana Seth, reveals a tumultuous background marked by a bitter divorce and contentious custody disputes. Suchana Seth, married 14 years ago in 2010, welcomed a son into the world in 2019. However, their familial harmony was disrupted in 2020, leading to a protracted dispute between the husband and wife.

Following the dissolution of their marriage, the court intervened, issuing an order that granted Suchana’s husband visitation rights with their child every Sunday. Regrettably, reports from the police indicate that Suchana vehemently opposed the court-mandated visits, adamantly refusing to allow her ex-husband access to their son.

In the wake of this acrimonious custody battle, investigators now assert that the alleged murder was premeditated, with Suchana purportedly orchestrating the tragic plan to eliminate her own son. The stark contrast between the court’s order and the mother’s vehement resistance to complying with it underscores the deeply troubling nature of this case.

Suchana Seth, Recognized in Top 100 Women in AI Ethics, Faces Unfathomable Allegations

In a shocking turn of events, Suchana Seth, a distinguished figure in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) ethics and a seasoned data scientist, has found herself at the center of a harrowing tragedy. Renowned for her expertise, Seth has amassed 12 years of experience in the realms of data science and AI, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Suchana’s professional accolades include a notable placement on the prestigious “100 Talented Women in AI Ethics List” in 2021, a testament to her significant contributions to the ethical considerations surrounding artificial intelligence. Beyond this, her professional journey has seen her as a Mozilla Fellow in Data and Society, a Fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center, and a Research Fellow at the esteemed Raman Research Institute.

At the helm of The Mindful AI Lab, Suchana Seth has played a pivotal role in establishing the company’s reputation as an authority in AI ethics, specializing in the development and scaling of machine learning systems. The company boasts a profound understanding of the data science project life cycle, recognizing the challenges inherent in deploying AI systems in real-world scenarios.

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