Brazil Floods: 58 Dead, Thousands Homeless as Heavy Rains Ravage Country

Severe Flooding and Landslides Hit Southern Brazil

Due to heavy rainfall, flooding, and landslides in the southern regions of Brazil, the situation has worsened significantly. According to the State Protection Agency, floods have resulted in the deaths of 58 individuals, while more than 74 people have been injured. Over 70,000 people had to be evacuated from their homes due to flooding.

Additionally, 67 individuals are reported missing. Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul state, has been the most severely affected by the situation. Since Monday (April 28), around 300 municipalities have been affected by the torrential downpour accompanying the cyclone in Rio Grande do Sul.

Responsible for Climate Change

Brazilian President Lula da Silva has met with officials and pledged assistance from the central government. He has acknowledged responsibility for the widespread impacts. He has also held weather changes accountable for both flooding and drought. The Brazilian meteorological department has also stated that it bears responsibility for the increasing intensity of rainfall.

Rivers at Record Levels

In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, fears of dam breaches due to rainfall persist. The Guaba River, which flows through the city, is at a crest of 5.04 meters, the highest since 1941. Rescue workers are facing difficulties in saving people. Floodwaters have inundated roads and bridges have collapsed.

According to local authorities, rescue workers are striving to evacuate people to safe places. Flights were suspended indefinitely at the Porto Alegre airport on Friday, May 3rd. The meteorological department has issued warnings for heavy rainfall in the coming days.

Water Scarcity Grips the City

Due to heavy rainfall, more than 3 hydro plants have been shut down, leading to a shortage of drinking water in the city. Approximately 5 million people are left without access to drinking water. Rio Grande do Sul Governor Eduardo Leite has announced that the state will require significant funding for reconstruction after the crisis, indicating the need for a large-scale “Marshal Plan”. We have never seen such a dire situation in the country before.

Mayor Sebastião Melo of Porto Alegre advised residents on Saturday to evacuate low-lying areas after the second river in the city reached dangerous levels. He emphasized the importance of helping people in need.

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