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Gujarat’s Largest Skin Bank Launched: 5-Year Preservation System at Ahmedabad Civil Hosp. for Accidental Injuries or Burns

The inauguration of diverse services at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital marks a significant step towards enhancing healthcare accessibility in the region, spearheaded by Health Minister Rishikesh Patel. Notably, the inauguration ceremony included the claim of the state’s largest government-run Skin Bank, established at the hospital’s Trauma Center with an expenditure of 48 lakhs. 

Additionally, the introduction of a GE CT Scan machine valued at approximately 2.60 lakhs at the hospital’s OPD and the inauguration of the Facilitation Centre for patients and the Patient Golf Cart Service further enriches healthcare provisions in the area. The event underscores the government’s commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure and services, ensuring better medical facilities and support for the people of Gujarat.

Administrative room
Administrative room
Administrative room
Administrative room

Utilization of Skin Bank for Various Types of Patients

According to available information, the Skin Bank at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital has been established through the collaborative efforts of the state government and the Rotary Club Kankaria. This Skin Bank is touted to be the largest in the state and the first in the city, with an estimated donation of resources worth 48 lakhs by the Rotary Club Kankaria. Operated under the Burns and Plastic Surgery Department, it will primarily cater to patients in need. 

The bank will conduct necessary tests on deceased individuals’ skin to preserve it and make it available for use in cases where a patient’s skin has been damaged due to burns, accidents, sudden trauma, or any other reasons rendering their own skin unsuitable for grafting. In situations where medical fit or sizable skin grafts from a patient’s own skin are not feasible, the preserved skin from the Skin Bank can be used effectively.

Relief for patients with various skin types

Skin Utilization for Five Years and Beyond

For the Skin Bank, skin donation is collected within six hours of a person’s demise. The preserved skin, especially processed, can be utilized for up to five years. The Burns and Plastic Surgery Department at Civil Hospital handles over 400 burn cases annually, along with other accident victims who may require skin grafts. 

Operations for skin grafts surpass 200 annually. This Skin Bank will significantly aid in the treatment of such patients, ensuring sustained support for those in need.

A screen bank will help in the treatment of patients

Commencement of New CT Scan Machine Today

Starting today, a new CT scan machine will be operational alongside the Skin Bank. The Gujarat government has allocated 6.35 crores for the purchase of a GE CT Scanner 128 Slice No of Acquisition Channels 64 with spatial resolution, which is now active in the J2 section of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. 

With this machine in place, patients at Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, will benefit significantly from increased availability of CT scans, reducing waiting times for diagnostics and enhancing healthcare services.

There will also be a skin donation

FSL: From State to National Importance

During the inauguration of the Skin Bank at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, Health Minister Rishikesh Patel addressed various other issues as well. He highlighted the increasing cases of accidents and emergencies at Civil Hospital, which have led to a rise in crime rates. Consequently, various technologies, including those utilized by the Skin Bank initiated at Civil Hospital, will prove highly beneficial. 

Minister Patel emphasized the explosive growth of technology across the nation, with its pervasive influence felt in every sector. Currently, technology is extensively utilized in all fields, with a notable surge in cybercrime-related incidents globally. FSL, equipped with technology, will not only detect crimes but also prevent them effectively, providing such facilities to be crucial. Furthermore, FSL, once confined to Gujarat, has now evolved into a national asset.

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