Tragic Surat Incident: Mother’s Worship Interrupted, Son’s Gas Regulator Change Leads to Fatal Blaze, Son & Daughter-in-Law Burnt

In Surat’s Varachha area, a profoundly distressing incident unfolded, highlighting the grave consequences that can result from a gas cylinder leakage. The incident took a tragic turn as a mother was lighting a lamp for worship while her son was in the process of changing a leaking gas cylinder. Suddenly, a fire erupted, engulfing the mother, son, and daughter-in-law in flames. Tragically, the mother lost her life in the blaze, while the son and daughter-in-law sustained critical injuries. The family was left in a state of profound grief following the untimely demise of the mother.

Son Brought a New Cylinder

According to available information, in Varachha’s Ankur Society, 58-year-old Kamalaben Kantibhai Chaludiya resided with her family. The family comprised her husband, son, and daughter-in-law. Kamalaben was engaged in performing prayers in the temple located adjacent to her kitchen in the morning. In the meantime, when the gas cylinder was nearing depletion, her son Ankit brought a new cylinder to replace it.

After the death of the woman, silence spread in the society as well.

Gas Cylinder Leakage Detected

When removing the regulator from the empty gas cylinder and replacing it with the filled one, a leak occurred. Consequently, a flash fire erupted, engulfing Kamalaben, who was earnestly engaged in worship, in severe flames. Her son Ankit and daughter-in-law also sustained critical burns in the accident. They were promptly rushed to the nearest hospital for urgent medical attention.

The body of the woman was shifted to the hospital.

Son and Daughter-in-Law Undergo Routine Care

While Kamalaben received immediate medical attention at the hospital, she unfortunately succumbed to her injuries during the course of treatment. Meanwhile, Ankit and his wife, having suffered less severe injuries, were provided with post-care and granted time off for recuperation following their routine treatment. The family is enveloped in an atmosphere of mourning following Kamalaben’s demise. Her mortal remains were transferred to Smimer Hospital for post-mortem examination.

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