Surat Gas Theft Scam: Accused Nabbed Stealing from Sealed Bottles, Goods Worth 25 Lakh Seized

The biggest case of gas refilling theft in the state unfolded in Surat district. The theft involved opening seals on domestic consumption gas cylinders, and approximately 25 lakh worth of 887 empty and filled bottles, 8 vehicles, and other equipment were seized.

Common Practice of Refilling Small Gas Bottles Now Turned Criminal

The common practice of refilling small gas bottles for domestic use has now turned into a criminal activity. The police, in a joint operation with Olpad Police and Surat Rural Police, exposed a major gas refilling theft racket in Gujarat. The theft was discovered when personnel from the gas agency in Vaheli village, Olpad taluka, informed the police about individuals refilling gas from sealed bottles at homes. In each 16-kilogram bottle of Indian Gas, the accused were extracting 2 kilograms of gas and filling the empty bottles.

Four Arrested, Including Agency Manager, in Gas Refilling Theft Case

The police arrested four individuals, including the manager of the agency, who were caught red-handed at the crime scene. In addition to the arrests, 887 empty and filled gas bottles, 4 pins used for gas refilling, 2 weight scales, and 8 agency vehicles were seized. The police are currently investigating the agency, which has been involved in such criminal activities for some time.

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