IIT Kanpur Mourns Prof Sameer Khandekar’s On-Stage Passing: Emotional Moment as Last Words Urge Health Care

Prof. Samir Khandekar, a senior scientist at IIT Kanpur, has passed away. He suffered a heart attack while speaking on stage during an event on Friday. He collapsed on the stage, and the onlookers quickly realized that something serious had happened. He was immediately taken to the cardiology department for prompt medical attention, where the doctors declared him dead.

Prof. Khandekar’s Address to Former Students at IIT Kanpur

Prof. Khandekar had been addressing former students in the IIT Kanpur auditorium on Friday evening at 4 PM. The ex-students expressed that he seemed emotional during his speech, and shortly afterward, he fainted. He was rushed to the helipad and then to the cardiology department for medical evaluation. His condition was critical and was declared dead by the doctors.

Prof. Khandekar’s Illness and Family Background

Prof. Samir Khandekar, a distinguished scientist in the mechanical engineering department at IIT Kanpur, was not only active in academic work but also served as the Dean of Student Affairs. Beyond his parents, he is survived by his wife Pradyanya Khandekar and their son Pravah Khandekar.

Advice to Maintain Health from Prof. Khandekar

During a program at IIT Kanpur’s auditorium, Prof. Khandekar advised the audience to take care of their health. His last words were a reminder to pay attention to one’s health. His health had deteriorated, and he appeared weak.

Prof. Khandekar’s Recent Health Struggles

Prof. Khandekar had been dealing with health issues since 2019, primarily related to cholesterol. He had been under medication for some time. His health worsened recently, leading to his demise. Prof. H.C. Verma mentioned that just two days ago on Wednesday, Prof. Khandekar visited the orphanage to explain scientific principles to children.

Last Rites to be Performed After Son’s Arrival

Prof. Khandekar’s son is currently studying at Cambridge University. After his return, the last rites will be performed. The body is currently kept in the health center of the institute. Prof. Khandekar had also been a former student of IIT Kanpur, holding eight patents to his name.

Early Life and Academic Journey of Prof. Khandekar

Born on November 10, 1971, in Jabalpur, Prof. Khandekar completed his B.Tech from IIT Kanpur in 2000 and obtained his Ph.D. from Germany in 2004. He joined IIT Kanpur as an assistant professor in 2004, becoming an associate professor in 2009 and a professor in 2014. In 2020, he became the head of the mechanical engineering department. In 2023, he took on the responsibility of being the Dean of Students Affairs.

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