Sachin Tendulkar’s 5 Crore Investment Soars to 23 Crore in 9 Months: Azad Engineering Stake Surges, Joined by Sindhu, Nehwal, and Laxman

Hyderabad-based Azad Engineering Limited is gearing up to list on the stock exchange, and cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar is poised to earn a multibagger return within just nine months. Priced at ₹524 per share, Tendulkar’s investment of ₹5 crore in the IPO is expected to surge to ₹22.96 crore, resulting in an estimated 360% profit.

While the listing price may vary based on market conditions, Azad Engineering Limited’s IPO has already garnered a premium of ₹345 per share, translating to a 65.84% increase over the offer price of ₹524. With an expected listing at ₹869, the company’s shares could bring substantial gains to Tendulkar and other investors.

Tendulkar Acquires Shares at Rs.114 Each

Tendulkar had purchased equity shares at a rate of ₹114.1 per share on March 6th, accumulating approximately ₹5 crore worth of shares. Presently, he holds 438,210 shares in the company. Azad Engineering Limited specializes in energy, aerospace components, and turbines manufacturing.

PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, and VVS Laxman May Receive 130% Returns

Apart from Tendulkar, badminton players PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, and cricketer VVS Laxman also invested in Azad Engineering Limited’s IPO. Within five days of Tendulkar’s investment, these athletes collectively bid ₹1 crore, and the total value may now be around ₹2.3 crore, representing a potential return of 130%. The returns may fluctuate based on the listing price of the shares.

Azad Engineering Limited’s 740 Crore IPO

Azad Engineering Limited’s IPO, open from December 20th to 22nd, garnered overwhelming subscription, reaching over 83.04 times the offer size. The company’s shares are set to be allotted on December 26th, followed by their listing on the stock exchange on December 28th. The IPO aims to raise ₹740 crore, capitalizing on the growing interest in the stock market.

Three Reasons for the Surge in IPO Demand:

  1. Increased Interest in the Stock Market: The Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) reported a record 10 crore demat accounts in November 2023, indicating a rising interest in the Indian stock market.
  2. Favorable IPO Trends: 2023 has seen a surge in successful IPOs, with around 49 mainboard IPOs, most of which yielded positive returns. Companies like Sintex DLM and Utkarsh Bank witnessed nearly a 50% increase in their listing prices.
  3. IPO Explained:
    IPO, or Initial Public Offering, refers to the process when a company goes public for the first time by offering its shares to the general public. Companies opt for IPOs to raise funds for business expansion, and it involves selling a portion of their ownership to investors in the stock market.

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