Hundreds of Women Protest as Bulldozers Raze Illegal Houses and Shacks Near Subhash Bridge, Ahmedabad

In the vicinity of Subhash Bridge in Ahmedabad, a major demolition drive of over 150 unauthorized houses and shacks near Janakpuri Society has been undertaken by the Municipal Corporation. The operation, conducted by the estate department’s team accompanied by police personnel, commenced at 10:30 this morning. The demolition faced resistance from local women whose homes were being razed. 

Despite strong opposition from the women, there were altercations with the police, and eventually, as the operation proceeded, some women sat on the road, expressing their discontent. It’s noteworthy that locals were given prior notice ten days ago to vacate the premises and relocate, but disregarding the notices, the Municipal Corporation initiated the demolition today.

Demolished on illegal houses and shacks

Comprehensive Demolition Operation Near Subhash Bridge, Ahmedabad

The western zone of the Municipal Corporation initiated a mega demolition operation today near Janakpuri Society, close to Subhash Bridge, targeting over 150 illegal shanties and houses. The drive is in conjunction with plans to expand the Chimnabhai Bridge. Spearheaded by Mahesh Taviyad, an official from the estate department, and his team, the demolition aimed to clear the area for infrastructural development. 

The operation, which began with the supervision of ASP D.V. Rana and ACP Jayesh Brahmbhatt from the L Division, involved over 100 police personnel including PI, PSI, and other officers. Despite attempts to persuade locals to evacuate and cooperate with the removal of their belongings, some resisted, necessitating the assistance of the estate department’s team in relocating their possessions.

The police took action

Resistance from Women Amidst the Operation

At 9 o’clock in the morning, when the police and the estate department’s team arrived, local residents initiated protests against the operation. Women came forward to express their dissent vehemently. Despite attempts at explanation lasting for an hour, locals remained unreceptive. Subsequently, as the estate department’s team commenced the demolition with police assistance, local women intensified their opposition. 

The action led to a scuffle between the police and the women

Some women engaged in altercations with the police, who exerted control over the situation while continuing with the demolition task. Even amidst efforts to alleviate tensions and carry out the operation smoothly, women persisted in their resistance.

Tension between policemen and women

Given 10 Days Prior to Vacate Houses

Residents of this area, recognized as Khadiya, have been dwelling in this locality for the past 20 years. Local residents had demanded alternative arrangements for housing, as they were asked to vacate their homes. The estate department had previously instructed them to vacate their houses 10 days prior, in coordination with the local police authorities, and provided relocation options. However, as they failed to vacate voluntarily, the demolition operation commenced today.

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