Police Ultimatum: 16 Lakh E-Memo Holders Warned to Pay Fine Post Diwali, Enforcement Begins Tomorrow

The police have issued ultimatums to individuals holding more than 16 lakh e-memos, warning them of legal consequences for non-payment. Court proceedings will be initiated against those who fail to pay fines for violating traffic rules through e-memos. A Lok Adalat is scheduled on December 9 in Diwalipura court to address e-memo-related cases.

Those who haven’t paid fines for e-memos, despite being issued pre-litigation notices by the court, will face legal action. The court will determine the amount to be paid as fines for e-memo violations. Information regarding those who fail to pay fines, including offenses like not wearing a helmet, not using a seat belt, and using a phone while driving, was disclosed, with fines ranging from Rs. 100 onwards.

DCP Traffic Jyoti Patel mentioned that as more people accumulate fines for e-memos, there is a greater likelihood that the court’s proceedings will protect them. Those not paying fines will face legal action initiated by the court. A two-day drive to enforce e-memo fines exclusively on the city’s main roads will be conducted by traffic police, identifying and penalizing violators.

Highest Number of E-Memo Violations Against Non-Helmet Wearers

Since 2018, a total of 24,04,598 e-memos have been issued. The majority of these were against individuals not wearing helmets. Additionally, a significant number of e-memos were issued for violations such as not wearing a seat belt and using a phone while driving.

Notices Sent to Over 4 Lakh People Through SMS

According to sources, on September 9, a Lok Adalat was organized where notices were sent through SMS to over 4 lakh individuals who hadn’t paid fines. Notices were also sent in hard copy to more than a thousand people.

E-memos were Issued From 2018

  • 24,04,598 e-memos were issued
  • ​​​​​​​7,40,645 e-memos were fined
  • ​​​​​​​16,63,953 e-memos pending payment of penalty

Where can E-memo Fine be Paid? 

The fine can be paid online at

  1. Traffic Office East, Karelibagh
  2. Aasan Centre, Police Bhavan
  3. Traffic Office West, Sayajiganj
  4. Fine can be paid by going to Diwalipura court in person.

Towing Vehicles Resumes After 3 Months; Warning Against Parking in No-Parking Zones

The crane, which tows vehicles parked in no-parking zones on public roads, was inactive for three months but has now been restarted. The contract for the new crane has been approved. After a hiatus of three months, the old contractor’s crane has been put back into operation from the fifth day of the profit. If the new tender is not approved, towing of vehicles will be carried out from the no-parking zones in the western and eastern zones of the city. It’s noteworthy that in many cases, towing is done by individuals present in the crane, causing damage to some vehicles. Additionally, many cases do not involve videography, leading to disputes between vehicle drivers and crane operators.

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