Youth Alleges Injustice in GETCO Exam, Appeal For Death Wish From President Due to Unemployment Woes

A young man from Dhoraji in Rajkot district has submitted an application to the Deputy Collector, seeking the intervention of the President after experiencing injustice in the Jet Test conducted in February 2023. He appeals for fair justice, stating that his request for mercy due to unemployment-related frustration in the Jet Test has not received any response.

Violation of Rules by GUVNL

A youth from Dhoraji, meeting the Deputy Collector, obtained RTI documents through which he has revealed the irregularities in the pole test conducted due to the violation of rules by GUVNL officials. Due to the injustice suffered, he has requested mercy due to frustration caused by unemployment. In his application, he mentioned that different dates and locations were set for the pole test organized by GUVNL, violating the rules of the pole test. The rules were not followed in the circles of Jamnagar, Gondal, Amreli, Anjar, Surendranagar, etc.

Injustice in Getco Test

However, officials of Getco in Junagadh circle had placed the rules of GUVNL underfoot. Therefore, rules were made to claim pole claims on the second page. Hence, a bar will be put on climbing the pole, and candidates will get less marks. I have given this examination. In Junagadh circle, my college letter no. 422 and the written test roll number are 101791, and I have taken the 5th test. During the pole test, the pole climber touched the pole in 16 seconds. If this can be clearly seen in the video, I should get full marks, 25.

Application Letter Before the Collector

Video has been provided under the information given by Getco under the law of the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission. If the video footage of the pole test conducted by Junagadh circle is seen, the second will be seen in the second and the marks of all the candidates will be put in, because, if there is only one examination of Getco, there should be only one rule. So why was it said to climb the pole in Junagadh circle? This question should be linked to the future of the candidates and immediately take appropriate action and give justice to the candidates. This application was submitted to Getco through application and directly in writing and verbally. 5, but no proper action has been taken. Therefore, I, mentally and physically broken due to unemployment, humbly request to give mercy to the cause of unemployment.

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