Security Breach Near Prime Minister Modi’s Convoy in Varanasi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had his 42nd meeting on Saturday in Varanasi. However, during his visit, there was a significant security breach. Outside the Rudraksha Center, a young man jumped in front of the Prime Minister’s convoy, causing a tense moment for the security personnel.

The police officers managed to chase and apprehend the intruder. It was later revealed that the young man is a BJP activist and was seeking employment in the army, using the opportunity to make his request to the PM.

During his 6-hour stay in Varanasi, Prime Minister Modi participated in three events. Firstly, he inaugurated a cricket stadium worth 450 crores, with cricket legends Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, and Dilip Vengsarkar in attendance. During this event, Sachin Tendulkar presented the PM with a jersey bearing the name ‘Namo’.

In Varanasi, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated projects worth approximately 16 billion rupees and also attended an event at the Sampurnanand Stadium in Ghazipur. Here, he participated in the ‘Nari Shakti Vandana-Abhinandan’ program, celebrating women’s empowerment and achievements.

Following this, PM Modi visited the Rudraksha Center, where he inaugurated the Atal Residential School, a residential school for children. During his visit, PM Modi criticized opposition parties for allegedly misusing funds for politics, while Yogi Adityanath’s government in Uttar Pradesh is using government resources to build schools. This difference in approach remains a point of contention between our parties and others.

PM Modi Inaugurates Varanasi Stadium

Prime Minister Modi has inaugurated an international stadium in Varanasi, similar to Shivdham. Chief Minister Yogi also extended his greetings to the public. Modi addressed a massive public gathering in Ganjari, where he also kicked off Mission 2024. He arrived amidst the people of Varanasi in an open jeep.

The new stadium in Varanasi will be themed after Lord Shiva, featuring media boxes in the shape of a damru (a small drum), floodlights in the shape of a trishul (trident), and a roof design resembling the moon and billipatra (a type of leaf). Seating arrangements will mimic the ghats of the Ganges for the audience. The stadium is expected to have a capacity of around 30,000.

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