Indian Student Attacked in America: Shocking Video, 3 Assailants Assault Him; Youth Injured, Wife Appeals to Jaishankar

On February 4th, a distressing incident unfolded in Chicago, United States, where an Indian student faced a violent assault. The incident was captured on video, depicting three assailants chasing the student and subjecting him to severe physical violence before fleeing the scene. The footage portrays the student being brutally attacked with what appears to be metallic objects.

The student, identified as Saiyad Mazhar Ali, hails from Hyderabad and had ventured to the United States to pursue his master’s degree. Following the incident, his spouse has written a letter to the Minister of External Affairs, S. Jaishankar, urging for the provision of the best possible medical treatment for Ali and facilitating the relocation of their three children to the United States.

The incident highlights the vulnerability of international students and underscores the imperative of ensuring their safety and well-being, particularly in foreign environments. The pursuit of justice and support for the victim and his family remain paramount as authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding the assault.

Mazhir's wife released a video detailing the attack with her husband and sought help from the foreign minister.

Plea for Assistance: Indian Student’s Wife Appeals to Foreign Minister

In the distressing video, the student can be heard pleading for help, saying, “Please help me.” Following the release of the video, Saiyad Mazhar’s wife, Saiyada Rukuliya Fatima Rizvi, addressed a letter to the Foreign Minister, S. Jaishankar. In her letter, she expressed deep concern for her husband’s safety in Chicago. She implored the minister to extend support to ensure that he receives the best possible medical treatment. Additionally, she requested arrangements to be made for her and their three young children to join her husband in the United States, emphasizing the necessity of such arrangements for their well-being.

The footage is of Indian student Syed Mazhir Ali Masters. This shows blood on his face. He suffered head and nose injuries.

Student Assaulted While Returning Home After Meal

Following the incident, several individuals came forward to assist the student. Mazhar mentioned, “I had stepped out to get some food.” He collected his parcel and was on his way home when three individuals began following him. Subsequently, he was attacked. As bystanders approached to intervene, the assailants fled the scene.

Increase in Attacks on Indian-Origin Students

The government and administration have been unable to curb the incidents of violence in America. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have expressed concern over such incidents, but no concrete solutions have been found. Meanwhile, attacks on Indian-origin students are also on the rise. Recently, Shreyas Reddy, an Indian student in Ohio, met a tragic end under suspicious circumstances. The exact cause of his death remains unclear. Earlier, two Indian-origin students had also lost their lives.

Mazhir's wife's letter to External Affairs Minister Jaishankar

Tragic Demise of Four Indian Students in January 2024

In January 2024, four Indian students – Shreyas Reddy, Neel Acharya, Vivek Saini, and Akul Dhawan – met with untimely deaths in the United States.

19-year-old Shreyas Reddy Beniger was a resident of Hyderabad.

Shreyas Reddy tragically passed away on February 2nd in Ohio, USA. However, details regarding the circumstances and cause of his death have not been disclosed. The Indian consulate in New York informed that Shreyas Reddy was pursuing studies in business at Binghamton University. The news of his demise has left his acquaintances and community saddened.

Akul was reported missing on January 20. His body was found on the same day.

Due to Cold Weather, Akul Dhawan Lost His Life

Akul Dhawan’s lifeless body was discovered outside the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on January 20, 2024. According to the post-mortem report, his death was attributed to hypothermia, a condition where the body’s temperature drops significantly below normal levels due to exposure to cold weather. 

The report concluded that Akul’s demise was a result of hypothermia. This condition occurs when the body’s temperature decreases substantially from the normal range. The news of Akul Dhawan’s tragic passing circulated widely. Subsequently, his parents accused the university authorities of negligence.

After Neil went missing, his mother shared this photo on social media. He asked for help in finding Neil.

Nil Acharya’s Body Found on Campus

On January 28, an Indian student named Nil Acharya was tragically killed in the state of Indiana. According to police officials, his lifeless body was discovered on the university campus around 11:30 AM on the same day. Following the discovery, the police confirmed Nil’s death, which occurred around noon. His mother, Gauri Acharya, shared this information on social media. The exact cause of his death has not been disclosed at this time.

The Killing of Vivek Saini with a 50-pound Hammer

In the state of Georgia, USA, Indian student Vivek Saini was brutally murdered. Details of this incident surfaced recently. According to Fox News, a 25-year-old assailant struck Vivek’s head with a 50-pound hammer. Vivek used to work at a food mart.

In the footage, the accused is seen killing the Indian student.

Vivek was employed at a food mart where a person used to come to stay outside the store as he had no place to live. Vivek and other employees of the store provided him with a place to stay. He used to reside there, but on January 16th, when Vivek was asked to vacate the place, he became enraged and brutally murdered Vivek.

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