Spike in Racial Attacks: Four Indian Lives Lost in a Month in America

In the last two years, hate crimes and incidents of violence against Indians in America have been steadily increasing. In the last four weeks, there have been 4 Indian fatalities in racially-motivated attacks, with more than a dozen people injured. Furthermore, in just the past year, there have been 520 recorded cases of hate crimes and attacks against Indians, marking an increase of nearly 40% in incidents from the previous year. Recently, in New York, there was a case of an elderly person’s murder, while in Indiana, an Indian student was subjected to physical assault in an incident within an ICU. According to the Carnegie Endowment study, discrimination based on race has been accepted among one in every two Indians. Additionally, a 23-year-old Indian woman named Jhanvi was attacked by a white police officer.

Defamation: India’s Economic Clout in America

The reason for hate crimes against Indians by white supremacists in America is because they believe that Indians are seizing their economic opportunities. Many distressed Indians claim that hate crimes escalated during Trump’s second term. According to a report, five of the six major states in America that Biden has secured from Trump have witnessed an increase in hate crimes. Amid this, there is a significant wave of xenophobia against Indians. Fox News is promoting the “Great Replacement Theory” among Indians. They believe that Indians are taking the place of Americans on vital positions in the U.S. Tuck Carlson, a host on the channel, has produced about 400 episodes on this issue, fueling the notion that Indians are taking jobs away from Americans, although they are more loyal to India.

Allegation: President Joe Biden Leans Toward Indians

Indian-origin scientist Swati Mohan, who led NASA’s Mars rover landing, had commented to Biden that this is incredible. The Indian Americans have put a hold on the nation. You are remarkable. After Biden’s appeal, white supremacists were angered. They alleged that Biden wants more and more Indians to become permanent residents in the U.S. The Biden administration has appointed Indian Americans to 130 important positions in the U.S.

Power: Indian Prosperity Is Not Tolerated

Indian Americans contribute over 6% of their earnings, paying more than $1 trillion in taxes annually. The Indian community donates roughly one lakh crores to the economy. This means that for every $26 earned in the U.S., $1 is contributed by Indians. The average income of Indian Americans is $100,000 per year, compared to the $75,000 earned by Americans. Sixty CEOs from the Fortune 500 list are of Indian origin.

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