Devastating Fire Engulfs Dhrangadhra Market, Consuming 25 Shops, Prompting Firefighters and Army Response

In the city of Dhrangadhra, a massive fire broke out early in the morning at the prominent Mathk Ganaat Rajkamal Chowk. This extraordinary fire engulfed 25 shops, causing millions in damages just before Diwali. Fire teams from Dhrangadhra, Halvad, Sanand, Viramgam, as well as the army’s teams, rushed to the scene, making relentless efforts to control and extinguish the fire.

Nearby Shops Engulfed by the Fire

The fire in Dhrangadhra city affected shops in the vicinity, causing extensive damage. While the early morning fire engulfed nearby shops, efforts were made by the local administration, including municipal authorities, fire department, and the police, to gain control over the situation.

Efforts to Gain Control over the Fire

In the Dhrangadhra city of Surendranagar district, a devastating fire erupted near Rajkamal Chowk, spreading to around 25 shops in the Vedant Complex. Multiple fire teams and the army made immediate efforts to gain control over the fire. Various social organizations, including the World Hindu Council, Bajrang Dal, Rotary Club, Jagannath Mahadev Team, and others, are also actively participating in controlling the fire.

Tense Atmosphere in Dhrangadhra’s Main Market

The fire in Dhrangadhra’s cloth showroom spread to approximately 25 shops in the vicinity. Traders were seen attempting to save their shops from the raging fire. The horrifying fire created a tense atmosphere in Dhrangadhra’s main market.

Estimated Loss of Over 70% in the Fire

It is estimated that the loss from the fire in Dhrangadhra city may exceed 70%. Efforts are ongoing to bring the fire under control completely. A team of eight senior army officers and 120 soldiers is present at the scene. Doctor teams are also present. Work is underway to bring the fire under control. It is currently estimated that the loss may be over 70%, and the fire is expected to be brought under control in the afternoon.

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