Sabarmati Ashram Redevelopment Project: Road Closure near Gandhi Ashram, Commuters Redirected via Ranip Busport

The Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram, renowned nationally and internationally, is set to undergo redevelopment costing more than 1200 crores. This redevelopment project includes the establishment of a sustainable road spanning 200 meters within the Ashram’s vicinity. As an alternative route, a road connecting Gandhi Ashram to Ranip ST Bus Stand has been constructed via Cargo Motors. The upcoming month will witness the inauguration of this new road, facilitating transportation towards Ranip ST Bus Stand and Aarti Circle, leading towards Subhash Bridge.

Decision to Close the Road

As part of the Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram redevelopment project, the surrounding areas are slated for development. Therefore, the decision to close the road passing through the Gandhi Ashram was made by the Municipal Corporation. This decision was accompanied by requests from locals and restaurant/hotel owners in the vicinity. After completing all procedures, including obtaining approval from the Collector’s Office, the decision to close the 200-meter road up to the Collector’s Office was finalized.

Construction of a 1-Kilometer Road

In response to road closure, Cargo Motors has constructed an alternative road approximately 1 kilometer long, connecting Ranip ST Bus Stand to the Collector’s Office. The construction of this road is now complete. Pending approval from the Standing Committee, the Commissioner’s Office will officially close the road either next month or before that. The alternative route will be operational via Ranip ST Bus Stand, enabling vehicular movement towards Subhash Bridge.

Possibility of Severe Traffic Jams in the Evening

Residents from areas such as Paldi, Vasna, Sarkhej, Navrangpura, Ellisbridge, and Vadaj, who previously boarded buses near the Collector’s Office, will now need to walk approximately 50 meters. Currently, the AMTS Bus Stand is situated outside the Collector’s Office. However, with the impending road closure, buses departing from Aarti Circle or near Subhash Bridge will necessitate commuters to alight and walk, potentially leading to traffic congestion. The decision to open a road near Ranip ST Bus Stand as an alternative route aims to mitigate traffic issues. Daily, around one lakh vehicles pass through this area. Consequently, significant traffic congestion is anticipated during both morning and evening rush hours, exacerbated by buses arriving and departing from Ranip ST Bus Stand and vehicles entering the road from three sides.

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