Vadodara Jewelers Targeted: Brazen Theft as Two Women Posing as Customers Swipe Jewelry in Broad Daylight, Caught on CCTV

Robbery Foiled as Women Catch Thief in Vadodara’s Padra Choksi Bazaar

In an incident at a shop in Padra Choksi Bazaar, two women wearing burqas entered a store. Unbeknownst to the shopkeeper, one of the women cleverly stole a bracelet and a nose ring by concealing them. When suspicions arose, the shopkeeper followed them and managed to catch one of the women, handing her over to the police. The women were successful in escaping before being caught. After the incident, the women removed their burqas and fled the scene.

Women Enter Shop Disguised as Customers in Padra

According to information received from Padra Police Station, a shop named “Sona-Chandi Dagi” owned by Pravinlal Chimnabhai in Padra Choksi Bazaar has recently been targeted. The proprietor, Sealpanbhai Girishbhai Choksi, was alone in the shop on Monday afternoon. At this time, two women wearing burqas entered the shop pretending to be customers.

Women Stole Valuables in the Guise of Shopping

A woman wearing a burqa entered the shop and showed a bracelet, while another woman indicated she wanted to wear a nose ring. In response to their demands, the shopkeeper, Sealpanbhai, arranged the jewelry in the tray for the women to see. The women seized the opportunity and fled after stealing jewelry worth a total of Rs 67,000. They took a bracelet priced at Rs 65,000 and a nose ring worth Rs 2,000, putting them in a purse.

Shopkeeper Raised Suspicion and Acted Swiftly

After the women stole a bracelet and a nose ring, they engaged in a minute-long conversation with the shopkeeper, Sealpanbhai, to dispel any suspicion. The women, wearing burqas, left the store after placing the stolen items in a tray. Sealpanbhai immediately placed the bracelet and the nose ring in the display tray, reducing the visibility of the items. The burqa-clad women left the shop, but Sealpanbhai quickly placed the bracelet and the nose ring back into the tray.

Realizing the theft, Sealpanbhai promptly closed his shop and chased the women. Spotting them on CCTV, the shopkeeper removed the burqas from their faces, making it difficult for Sealpanbhai to identify them.

A Woman Caught Swiftly

A woman wearing a black dress, appearing suspicious, was apprehended quickly by the shopkeeper. Sealpanbhai caught her and found a bracelet in her possession. He promptly reported the incident to the police. The other woman managed to escape without being caught. This incident created a stir in the Choksi Bazaar, with significant commotion around the jewelry market.

Search for the Other Woman Underway

After fleeing from the store, the two women, one of whom was swiftly caught, were questioned by the police. The apprehended woman revealed that the other woman, now on the run, had resorted to begging to sustain her life. She claimed to be a resident of Mumbai. The police have initiated a search for the absconding woman, and both women are now facing legal consequences.

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