Horrifying Act in Surat: Youth Invites Girl Home, Throws Her off 10th-Floor Balcony; Shocking CCTV Footage Captures Disturbing Incident

Young Woman Thrown off the Building in Surat; Murderer Arrested

In an appalling incident in Surat, a young woman, residing in the housing complex of Prime Minister Suman Vandan, was thrown off the building by a 28-year-old man named Junaid Noor Mohammad Badshah. The entire incident was captured on CCTV.

The police swiftly responded to the incident, reaching the scene immediately and taking prompt action. The woman was thrown off the building after being pushed and attacked by Junaid. The police have arrested Junaid Noor Mohammad Badshah on charges of murder.

The investigation revealed that the victim, identified as Ayub Bhai’s sister Sidi Habibabano, had broken off her engagement with Junaid Noor Mohammad Badshah, a year after getting engaged to Ayub Bhai. Following the broken engagement, the woman had severed ties with her brother’s family.

The police are conducting further inquiries to gather more details about the motive and circumstances surrounding the incident. The CCTV footage will be crucial in providing evidence for the ongoing investigation.

Junaid Invites Woman Home; Altercation Ensues

In an incident stemming from social media interactions on Instagram, a woman reestablished contact with Junaid Noor Mohammad Badshah, leading to renewed romantic involvement. Allegedly, the accused engaged in a theatrical display of affection, and tensions arose when the woman, previously engaged to Junaid’s brother, was invited to Junaid’s home. The situation escalated when Junaid allegedly assaulted the woman, possibly fueled by his desire to protect his brother’s interests.

The woman’s brother, Habibababano, intervened and physically confronted Junaid to safeguard his sister. The altercation turned violent, leaving Junaid injured. The incident unfolded against the backdrop of a complex relationship dynamic, including a broken engagement and a subsequent attempt to reconcile.

Junaid Noor Mohammad Arrested Following Alleged Assault

Subsequent to the incident involving Junaid Noor Mohammad and the woman, Junaid has been apprehended by the police. Following the confrontation with Habibababano, Junaid sought medical attention at Surat New Civil Hospital for injuries sustained during the altercation. However, he was subsequently taken into custody by the police.

Junaid’s arrest is related to his alleged involvement in the assault against the woman, during which she was thrown down from the gallery of a house, leading to her unfortunate demise. The police, responding promptly to the situation, arrested Junaid to ensure further investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

As the legal proceedings unfold, more details are expected to emerge regarding the specific charges against Junaid Noor Mohammad and the events that led to this tragic outcome. The police are committed to thoroughly investigating the case to bring justice to the victim and address the implications of the altercation.

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