Vadodara Cybercrime Unveils Disturbing Case: Margabaj’s Fake Facebook Account Targets Female Social Worker with Offensive Text and Stolen Family Photo

Creation of Fake Facebook Account Leads to Cyber Crime Complaint in Vadodara

A complaint has been filed with the Cyber Crime Police Station in Vadodara city regarding the creation of a fake Facebook account, where disturbing messages were sent along with photos of a mother and daughter. The complainant, a social worker residing in Vadodara, highlighted that her husband has been working abroad for an extended period.

On the morning of May 13th, at around 8 AM, while she was working from home, the complainant received a call from an acquaintance associated with their Gurukul. The caller informed her that an unknown Facebook ID by the name of Rohit Patel had been created, with the URL The account contained derogatory statements along with unauthorized posts of photos of the complainant, her daughter, and other members of the Gurukul.

The unknown individual had posted defamatory content without consent, causing harm to the reputation of the complainant, her daughter, and the members of the Gurukul. The complainant promptly took screenshots of the posts and forwarded them to her WhatsApp contacts as evidence. Subsequently, she filed a formal complaint with the Cyber Crime Police Station, detailing the incident.

Post Not Removed Until Today, Cyber Crime Complaint Filed

A troubling incident unfolded when, on August 15th at around 2 PM, our associate received a call informing about another unknown Facebook ID named Rohit Patel, with the URL, created approximately on that day. This profile had posted derogatory content related to our Gurukul without our consent. Despite our efforts, the post has not been removed as of today.

Cyber Crime Complaint Lodged

Concerned about the continuous unauthorized posts and harassment, especially without our consent and beyond our awareness, we filed a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police Station. This addresses the creation of fake Facebook IDs that have been consistently posting defamatory content about our Gurukul, without our approval and beyond our knowledge. The cyber crime complaint seeks intervention to resolve this issue and bring the responsible party to justice.

We remain vigilant, determined to protect our reputation and the privacy of our members. The investigation by the cyber crime authorities is eagerly awaited to ensure the swift resolution of this matter.

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