14 Days After Disappearance, Bulgarian Girl Found: Alleges Misconduct Against Kedia’s CMD Rajiv Modi, Returns Home to Bulgaria

In a significant development, a Bulgarian young woman who had lodged a complaint of misconduct against Rajiv Modi, the CMD of a well-known pharmaceutical company in Ahmedabad, has been found after 14 days. Today, Ahmedabad’s Police Commissioner, Mr. S. Malik, announced in a press conference that the complainant young woman has been reunited with her family.

Statement of the Bulgarian Girl’s Lawyer

Rajesh Mishra, the lawyer representing the Bulgarian young woman, spoke with Divya Bhaskar and clarified several points regarding the case. Mishra stated that he had a meeting scheduled with Chirag Kordiya, who supervises this case, yesterday. While he was supposed to meet him, Kordiya did not communicate any specific details about the case to him.

Regarding the missing Bulgarian girl’s case, Mishra mentioned that although a complaint was lodged, the police have not provided any information to the media. In cases of rape, since the government is the complainant, it is the duty of the police to file a charge sheet and inform the court about the investigation’s progress. Mishra emphasized that although allegations of misconduct had been made against Rajiv Modi, the police did not register the Bulgarian girl’s complaint, which is why he had to submit a request prior to the court proceeding.

Disputes Arise Over the 13-Day Delay in the Youth's Whereabouts

Disputes Arise Over the 13-Day Delay in the Youth’s Whereabouts

On January 18, the young woman accompanied by her lawyer went to notify the police authorities about her concerns. However, due to the officials’ busy schedules that day, the notification couldn’t be recorded. Before the youth returned to report her concerns, she had gone missing. This account sheds light on the circumstances leading to her disappearance. Nevertheless, the police have now clarified today that the Bulgarian woman was returning to Bulgaria.

Notification Given Between January 17th and 24th

Following the court order to file a complaint against Rajiv Modi at the High Court, investigations into the young woman’s case began with complaints being registered at sixteen police stations. During the investigations, the police received statements from the staff and employees of the pharmaceutical company under Rajiv Modi’s administration. It was impossible to establish contact with Rajiv Modi through the police, prompting the young woman to request a further investigation. 

She submitted her request to Joint Commissioner Chirag Kordiya between January 17th and 24th. In her request, she highlighted the lack of registration of her misconduct complaint by the police, necessitating her recourse to the High Court for its filing.

The Woman Filed an Affidavit

The Woman Filed an Affidavit

In this case, efforts were made by a friend of the woman and the woman herself, along with their collaboration, to file a complaint against Rajiv Modi, the CMD of Cadila Pharma, and Johnson Mathews, the HR manager, alleging involvement in human trafficking and running a sex racket. Before disappearing, the woman had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court, requesting that her case be handed over to a central agency for investigation.

Suspicion Regarding Rajiv Modi Being Abroad

The investigation into this case has garnered significant attention from the public. On the other hand, there are concerns within the police department about the whereabouts of the accused, Rajiv Modi, who is also suspected to be abroad. In this case, the accused, along with Cadila’s HR manager Johnson Matthews, is under scrutiny. 

The police have issued notices to both individuals for recording their statements. Initially, the accused had requested more time. Eventually, the police recorded Johnson Matthews’ statement, linking Rajiv Modi and the details of the victim’s complaint together.

Interrogation between Rajiv Modi and the Young Woman's Associate Johnson Matthews

Interrogation between Rajiv Modi and the Young Woman’s Associate Johnson Matthews

The police have been conducting crucial investigations and interviews to gather essential evidence. Johnson Matthews was summoned twice by the police for questioning. During both instances of summoning, he requested more time. However, the police have now called him for questioning and recorded his statement. Currently, the focus of this case revolves around the relationship between Rajiv Modi and the young woman. Following Matthews’ statement, the police have now taken action to search for the Bulgarian young woman.

The police searched Rajiv Modi's farmhouse.

Investigation into Correspondence and Related Matters in Complaint

The police have initiated an investigation into the correspondence and related matters concerning the complaint. They are delving into what transpired with the Bulgarian woman and how she came into contact with Rajiv Modi. Johnson Matthews has also been questioned by the police regarding these aspects. However, the police have not disclosed any information about his responses. Presently, in the entirety of this case, the police have begun examining the details aligned with the complaint filed by the Bulgarian woman to determine the correlation between various aspects.

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