Jamnagar Incident: 2-Year-Old Raj Trapped 200ft Deep in Borewell, 10-Hour LIVE Rescue Operation Captured in Challenging Situation

In Govana village of Jamnagar, a two-year-old child trapped in a 200-foot deep borewell has been rescued by the Hemkhem rescue team. Continuous efforts spanning over 10 hours led to the successful rescue operation, captured exclusively on video by Divya Bhaskar. The footage provides an insight into the challenging task of saving the child’s life, highlighting the meticulous efforts of the rescue team who not only provided oxygen but also managed to save the child’s life. Currently, the child is under observation at Jamnagar’s JiJi Hospital, where a 72-hour observation period has been initiated.

Rescue Operation Saves Two-Year-Old from 200-Foot Deep Borewell in Lalpur Taluka, Jamnagar District

In Govana village of Lalpur Taluka, Jamnagar district, a distressing incident unfolded as a two-year-old child from a local laborer’s family fell into a 200-foot deep borewell. On Tuesday evening around 6 PM, the child accidentally slipped into the borewell, triggering a swift response from the rescue team. This morning, around 4 AM, the Hemkhem rescue team successfully extricated the child from the perilous situation near the borewell. Throughout the intense 10-hour rescue operation, Divya Bhaskar reporter Hiren Hirpara remained present at the scene, capturing the nerve-wracking rescue operation on camera.

Unexpected Mishap: Raj Falls into Open Borewell

A sudden and alarming incident occurred as Raj accidentally fell into an open borewell while playing in the fields. Upon learning of the situation, family members along with nearby residents rushed to the scene, seeking assistance from Jamnagar’s Disaster Control Room, Fire Department teams, and 108 ambulance services. Authorities including Tehsildars, police officials, and other senior officers also promptly arrived at the site to assess the situation and coordinate rescue efforts.

The rescue team reached near the child and cleaned his mouth and gave more oxygen.

Rescue Team Provides Oxygen to Child through Pipe

Upon arriving at the scene, the first responders from the fire brigade’s rescue team swiftly initiated a rescue operation using specialized techniques. With the child trapped 12 feet below ground in a 200-foot deep borewell, the rescue team prioritized providing oxygen to the child. Oxygen was administered to the child through a pipe lowered into the well, ensuring continuous supply until further actions were taken. To prevent the child from slipping further down the borewell shaft and to facilitate extraction, the rescue team carefully fastened a harness around the child’s hands.

To prevent the child from slipping further down, the rescue team took a rope in the borewell and tied it around the child's wrist.

Excavation Using Breaker After JCB: Child Safely Rescued from Borewell

Following the initial excavation with a JCB (excavator), efforts were made to dig a larger pit using a breaker. Subsequently, the rescue team commenced a substantial excavation with the help of a JCB, facilitated by a 14-foot deep pit adjacent to the borewell. Once the 14-foot pit was excavated, further digging was conducted using the breaker, extending the depth to three meters. With meticulous precision, the team reached the child’s hands by excavating the pit from the side. 

Upon nearing the child, the area was cleared, and additional oxygen was administered. The child was safely extracted from the borewell after a continuous 10-hour rescue operation, ensuring that soil collapse didn’t occur and that the child remained unharmed, reflecting the team’s careful attention to detail.

After being treated in an ambulance, Rajan was immediately shifted to GG Hospital.

Child to Undergo 72-Hour Observation Period

The child is currently admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (ICU) at JiJi Hospital in Jamnagar, where he will undergo a 72-hour observation period. While the child’s condition is not currently critical, the prolonged exposure to oxygen during the continuous 10-hour ordeal in the borewell, coupled with difficulties in receiving oxygen and sustenance, necessitates the extended observation period.

Raj is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital, which will be kept under observation for 72 hours.
The child's parents.

Father Rushes Upon Seeing Him: A Parent’s Instinct

Nilesh Oshwa, the father of the child from Maharashtra, recounted the moment when his son Raj was playing in the fields of Govana village and accidentally fell into a borewell. “As soon as my eyes fell on him, I rushed immediately,” said the concerned father. He promptly informed the landowner of the field about the incident after arriving at the scene, illustrating the swift action driven by a parent’s instinct.

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