Fatal Fight Over Money Caught on CCTV in Surat: Murdered for ₹400

In Surat, near Nanpura Maize Circle, a young man was fatally attacked with a stick. Although no visible injuries were found on his body at the time, a post-mortem report later confirmed the fatal assault. Upon further investigation, the police arrested the assailant, Ramkishor Pradhan. It’s noteworthy that the victim was beaten to death by his own friend with approximately five slaps and eight kicks.

Date of Death: Morning of March 12

On the evening of March 11, around 7 o’clock, an unknown man aged between 40 to 45 was found in critical condition near Nanpura Maize Circle. Police rushed him to the hospital for treatment. However, the next morning, on March 12, around 11 o’clock, he succumbed to his injuries.

Unidentified Victim’s Altercation Leads to Death

According to the PM report, the deceased died due to the assault inflicted by Ramkishor Pradhan over a dispute involving 400 rupees. CCTV footage checked by the police revealed an altercation between the victim, Isam, and Ramkishor outside a shop named Metroka. It showed Ramkishor assaulting Isam with kicks and punches, causing severe injuries.

Altercation Over 400 Rupees

During police interrogation, the victim was identified as Bhuriya, alias Bhuriya, from Odisha. Bhuriya and his fellow villager Ramkishor Pradhan were friends and used to live on footpaths. A dispute arose between them over 400 rupees, leading to a violent altercation where Ramkishor in a fit of anger brutally assaulted Bhuriya, causing fatal injuries.

Events of March 11th

According to CCTV footage, on the evening of March 11th, at 6:36 PM, the victim, Bhuriya, was sitting on the footpath when his friend Ramkishor started quarreling with him. At 6:48 PM, Ramkishor began physically assaulting Bhuriya. After two slaps, Bhuriya fell to the ground, followed by three more slaps and five kicks. Not stopping there, Ramkishor continued beating Bhuriya until he collapsed. This evidence led to the filing of a complaint against Ramkishor Pradhan, who was subsequently arrested for the murder.

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