Unpleasant Surprise: Caterpillar Found in Tejas Express Breakfast, Passenger Complains to Railway Minister

Incident of Living Organisms in Food Served on Tejas Express

A young man, traveling on the Tejas Express from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, claimed via a tweet addressed to IRCTC and the Railway Minister that living organisms emerged from the breakfast served by IRCTC during his journey. The passenger mentioned that he had consumed an omelet during breakfast, and later discovered living organisms in it.

The incident raises concerns about the quality control and hygiene standards in the food provided by IRCTC, especially in premium trains like Tejas Express. The passenger expressed his dissatisfaction and sought accountability for the incident. In response, IRCTC replied that such bitter experiences were not their intention, and they would look into the matter to prevent a recurrence.

This incident underscores the importance of stringent quality checks and measures in the catering services provided on trains, ensuring the health and safety of passengers. It remains to be seen how the railway authorities address and rectify the situation to maintain the trust of passengers in the food services offered during train journeys.

Complaints of Unhygienic Food on Premium Trains

Speaking with Divya Bhaskar, the complainant, Mr. Shah, shared his experience of traveling on the Tejas Express this morning from Ahmedabad to Bharuch. During the journey, he was served breakfast on the premium train, and after consuming an omelet, he found insects in it.

Mr. Shah informed the staff on the train about the incident, and they assured him that they would look into the matter. However, as of now, no action has been taken. Mr. Shah expressed his frustration, stating that despite paying a premium for travel on such trains, incidents of unhygienic food continue to occur.

This incident sheds light on the ongoing challenges with maintaining quality and hygiene in the catering services on premium trains. Passengers often pay a premium for a comfortable and quality travel experience, and such incidents raise questions about the effectiveness of the measures in place to ensure the safety and well-being of travelers.

While IRCTC and railway authorities respond to such incidents, it highlights the need for continuous efforts to improve food safety standards and quality control in the catering services provided on premium trains. Passengers expect a seamless and enjoyable journey, and addressing these concerns is crucial for maintaining their trust and satisfaction.

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