India’s Pioneering Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses for Long Journeys Launched

Central Minister Hardeep Singh Puri today, on September 25th, unveiled the green hydrogen fuel cell bus in Delhi. These 2 buses have the capability to cover more than 3 lakh kilometers.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas had stated a day earlier that the data generated from these trials will serve as a valuable national resource, aiding India’s Green Hydrogen-based Zero Emission Mobility Mission. It can potentially replace fossil fuels in petroleum refining, fertilizer production, and steel manufacturing.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has stated that the capacity for self-reliant economic pathways lies in harnessing renewable energy sources. They have emphasized that utilizing renewable energy sources like green hydrogen can play a crucial role in low-carbon and self-reliant economic development. The versatile use of green hydrogen is possible in various sectors, both at the industrial and local levels.

Hydrogen fuel cells for buses in India have been equipped to store hydrogen at a pressure of 350 bars for the first time. Indian Oil has initiated a program to scientifically design 15 buses for testing on selected routes in Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh as part of this endeavor.

Setting up Research and Development Modern Distribution Facility

Indian Oil has established a state-of-the-art research and development modern distribution facility in Faridabad. This facility utilizes solar PV panels to produce green hydrogen through electrolysis, separating electricity in hydrogen cells, making it capable of storing and distributing green hydrogen.

What is Green Hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is the cleanest source of energy, producing no pollution. It is generated by splitting hydrogen and oxygen from water. Electrolysis is used in this process, often powered by renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Green hydrogen has diverse applications, including transportation, chemicals, and iron production, among others.

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