Kanpur Scorpio Airbag Incident: Anand Mahindra and 13 Others Face FIR for Fatal Airbag Failure

In Kanpur, an FIR has been registered against 13 individuals, including Anand Mahindra, for a serious incident involving Scorpio car airbag failure, resulting in the accidental death of a young man. The victim reported that there had been no warnings or alerts from the company at the police station or the dealership regarding this safety issue. Furthermore, it was revealed that on December 2, 2020, Rajesh Mishra, a resident of Kanpur’s Juhi area, had purchased a black Scorpio for Rs. 17.39 lakh from Tirupati Auto, with the company providing information about the vehicle’s features and safety.

However, after various public announcements were made on social media by Anand Mahindra, he gifted the car to his only son, Dr. Apoorv Mishra. On January 14, 2022, while returning to Kanpur with friends, Apoorv met with a tragic accident. Due to a sudden maneuver, the car collided with a divider, leading to Apoorv’s untimely demise at the accident site.

Rajesh Mishra stated that his son had fastened his seat belt. There were no visible signs of any injuries on his body, but due to the airbag not deploying, his son met with an unfortunate death. Rajesh directly alleges that this car was sold to him with hidden defects. When they initially complained about this matter to the showroom’s staff, they provided an explanation, and later, there was an altercation, including physical violence. Furthermore, they received threats of harm. When no resolution was reached through dialogue, they approached the Raipur police station and filed a complaint. Since there were no proper responses or investigations, they resorted to knocking on the doors of the court. The court has now ordered the registration of an FIR in this case.

These Individuals are Facing an FIR (First Information Report):

  • Anand Gopal Mahindra, owner of Mahindra Company.
  • Manager of Tirupati Auto in Mumbai.
  • Chandraprakash Gur, a director in Mahindra Company from Mumbai.
  • Vikram Singh Mehta.
  • Rajesh Ganesh Jejurikar.
  • Anish Dilip Shah.
  • Thothala Narayanasamy.
  • Hegreva Khetaan.
  • Muthaiah Murugappan Muthaiah.
  • Vishakha Nirubhai Desai.
  • Nisaba Godrej.
  • Shikha Sanjay Sharma.
  • Vijay Kumar Sharma.

They are accused of various serious offenses, including involvement in a car sale with hidden defects, issuing threats to cause harm, and attempting to orchestrate a violent incident. The FIR has been registered against them at the Raipur Police Station.

The Official Press Statement by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

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