Republic Day Flypast: Witness IAF’s Spectacular Display with 51 Aircraft, Chandrayaan-3 Landing & Lord Rama Presentation

As part of the upcoming Republic Day celebrations on January 26, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to feature a spectacular fly-past, incorporating a total of 51 aircraft. This impressive lineup comprises 29 fighter planes, 7 transport aircraft, 9 helicopters, and a heritage aircraft. The operations of these aircraft will be conducted from six different bases.

During the Republic Day parade, the event will also witness the participation of 25 flags representing 16 states, union territories, and 9 ministries and departments governed by the central administration. The states include Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Manipur, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Ladakh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Meghalaya, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Telangana.

Additional Ministries and Organizations to Grace Republic Day Parade

In addition to the aforementioned states and ministries, the Republic Day parade will feature the banners of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Information Technology, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Waterways, Ministry of Culture, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Election Commission, and the Central Public Works Department (CPWD).

Of notable significance is the ISRO contingent, showcasing the highpoint of Chandrayaan-3. The display will spotlight the launch of Chandrayaan-3, its successful landing on the south pole of the moon, and the unveiling of the landing point named ‘Shiv Shakti Point.’ This representation serves to highlight India’s achievements in space exploration and technological prowess on the grand stage of the Republic Day celebrations.

Uttar Pradesh’s Display: Honoring Lord Rama and Technological Advancements

The upcoming Republic Day parade will showcase the state of Uttar Pradesh with a prominent portrayal of Lord Rama at the forefront. The significance of this display has gained added importance following the consecration ceremony of the deity Ramlalla in the Ram Temple on January 22. Alongside the religious representation, the float will also highlight technological advancements by incorporating features such as the Merut Rapid Rail and the BrahMos missile.

French Military Contingent to Participate in Republic Day Parade

As per the Ministry of Defence, this year’s Republic Day parade will feature a contingent from the French Army, comprising 95 soldiers in marching formation, a band of 33 musicians, and the inclusion of French Air Force’s Rafale jets and Multirole Tanker Transport aircraft. All participating elements conducted a rehearsal for the parade on Saturday. Notably, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, is set to be part of the Republic Day celebrations this year.

This reciprocal participation follows the involvement of the Indian Army in the Bastille Day parade in France on July 14, 2023, led by Squadron Leader Sumita Yadav. During the Bastille Day celebrations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi graced the occasion as the chief guest, underscoring the strong bilateral ties between the two nations.

Innovations in IT Ministry’s Display and Unique Cultural Highlights in Jammu

1. IT Ministry’s Technological Showcase:

The Electronic and IT Ministry’s tableau in the Republic Day parade will spotlight AI-based technology. According to J.L. Gupta, the director of the ministry, the tableau will feature a teacher using a VR headset to educate children. Furthermore, the display will emphasize how AI can contribute to the healthcare sector, showcasing its potential and applications.

2. Jammu’s Vibrant Cultural Display:

Jammu’s tableau promises a visual spectacle with a primary focus on showcasing the state’s agricultural advancements. Notably, the display will highlight saffron cultivation, illustrating the entire process. Additionally, the tableau will feature Jambu Zoo (Zoo), presenting it as a major attraction. Behind the tableau, women engaged in the renowned craft of Paper Mache from Jammu and Kashmir will be portrayed. The rear of the tableau will showcase the complete process of saffron cultivation.

3. Ladakh’s Empowerment and Sportsmanship:

In Ladakh’s tableau, the emphasis is on showcasing women empowerment. Nazeer Ladakhi, Deputy Secretary of Ladakh, revealed that the tableau will highlight women empowerment initiatives. The display will also feature the country’s ice hockey team, with all 11 players hailing from Ladakh. Furthermore, the manufacturing sector of Pashmina shawls will be highlighted. Another significant inclusion is the portrayal of the world’s highest motorable road, Uming La, inaugurated this year. This comprehensive display encapsulates Ladakh’s cultural richness, gender empowerment, and sporting achievements.

The Tangle formation of the Air Force is like the tip of an arrow. In this, there is one aircraft in front and two behind it.

Dornier Aircraft to Feature in Air Force’s Tangle Formation during Fly-Past

As part of the Air Force’s contribution to the Republic Day fly-past, spectators can anticipate a spectacular display of the Tangle Formation. This formation will include Dornier aircraft, with the iconic Dakota leading the formation. Following closely will be two Dornier Do-228 aircraft, fueled by a mix of aviation turbine fuel and biofuel, exemplifying a commitment to sustainable aviation.

The Tangle Formation holds historical significance as it commemorates the successful air-drop missions carried out during the 1971 India-Pakistan war. This formation pays homage to the brave Indian security forces who, during the conflict, executed the first-ever air-drop on enemy territory. 

Captain Sharanya Rao will be leading the tri-service contingent in the parade for the first time.

Theme of 75th Republic Day: Women Empowerment Takes Center Stage

This year’s Republic Day celebration marks the 75th anniversary with a resounding theme of “Women Empowerment.” Several contingents led by women leaders are participating for the first time, encompassing various domains such as the Armed Forces, paramilitary forces, and even bands. Captain Shreya Rao, leading the Tri-Service contingent, is set to lead the historic march, showcasing the first-ever participation of a Tri-Service unit.

Captain Shreya expressed pride in leading the Tri-Service contingent, stating that she is a Supersonic Officer and will lead the march with Aviation Turbine Fuel and Biofuel mixed propulsion aircraft, demonstrating environmental consciousness.

In a historic moment, this Republic Day parade will witness the participation of the Border Security Force (BSF) and Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) all-women marching contingents, accompanied by the Brass Band.

The marching contingent of the Indian Air Force, comprising 144 members, will be led by Squadron Leader Rashmi Thakur. Squadron Leader Sumita Yadav, Squadron Leader Pratiti Ahluwalia, and Flight Lieutenant Kirti Rohil will also be part of this distinguished unit.

A total of 56 military aircraft, including 29 fighter jets, will be featured in the fly-past, with some being operated by female pilots. Fifteen women pilots, including six fighter pilots, will fly aircraft such as Rafale, Sukhoi-30, and MiG-29. The display emphasizes the significant role played by women in various branches of the armed forces.

The Agniviravayu (Women) contingent, who passed out from the Airman Training School in Belgaum, Karnataka two months ago, will also participate in the parade. Comprising 144 women with an average age of around 20 years, they will be a notable part of the marching contingent, further highlighting the strides made by women in the defense forces.

Specialist Mobility Vehicles to Feature in Republic Day Parade

Specialist Mobility Vehicles to Feature in Republic Day Parade

Major Toofan Singh Chauhan, the Contingent Commander for All-Terrain Vehicles and Specialist Mobility Vehicles, revealed during the rehearsal that these vehicles are specially designed for transporting soldiers in diverse terrains, including deserts, mountains, and snowy regions.

These vehicles are equipped to facilitate the transportation of soldiers in challenging terrains, ensuring mobility in regions with varied geographical conditions. Major Chauhan emphasized the versatility of these Specialist Mobility Vehicles, highlighting their utility in providing seamless transport for military personnel in challenging environments.

Moreover, these vehicles possess unique suspension capabilities, enabling them to operate effectively at elevations of up to 60 degrees and depressions of 45 degrees. This remarkable feature enhances their adaptability and functionality in navigating challenging landscapes.

Raksha Mantri Meets NCC Cadets

Raksha Mantri Meets NCC Cadets

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh visited the ongoing Republic Day camp for National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadets, which is a month-long event. On Saturday, the Defense Minister interacted with the cadets, emphasizing the importance of fostering not only a sense of nationalism but also a deep respect for national pride among the youth.

During the interaction, Rajnath Singh remarked, “NCC instills not just a sense of nationalism but also the spirit of national pride among the youth. National pride is the strongest emotion of the human heart.”

The Republic Day camp witnesses the participation of a total of 2,274 cadets from 28 states and 8 Union Territories, representing the National Cadet Corps. This includes 907 female cadets, showcasing the inclusive and diverse participation in the camp.

2-Hour Flight Ban in Delhi Until Republic Day

In preparation for Republic Day celebrations, there will be a daily 2-hour flight ban at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport until January 26. From 10:20 AM to 12:45 PM each day, no flights will take off or land at the Delhi airport during this period. This decision has been taken to facilitate the arrangements and security measures for the main events and ceremonies scheduled for Republic Day. The flight ban will be in effect from January 19 to January 26.

It’s important to note that the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) regarding the flight ban will not apply to aircraft carrying the President, Prime Minister, Governor/Chief Minister, as well as helicopters from the Air Force, Border Security Force (BSF), and the Army. These exceptions ensure that essential official flights can proceed without disruption during this period.

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