Vadodara’s Bhoj Village Ram Yatra Attack Case: All Accused at Large, 16 Named Suspects and 10 Under Investigation

Yesterday, celebrations for the nationwide Lord Rama’s Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav were in full swing across the country. However, an unfortunate incident marred the festivities during the procession in Bhoj Village, located in Vadodara’s Padra taluka. Stone-pelting erupted during the yatra, resulting in a formal complaint being filed against 16 individuals, with 10 identified as the main suspects.

In response to the incident, Vadodara Police swiftly dispatched teams, including personnel from the local SOG (Special Operations Group) and LCB (Local Crime Branch), to the scene. A comprehensive search operation was conducted in Bhoj Village by the police staff. Presently, none of the accused individuals have been detained, and all involved parties remain at large.

The investigation into this matter is ongoing, with law enforcement agencies intensifying efforts to locate and apprehend the suspects. The police have yet to make any arrests in connection with the stone-pelting incident during the religious procession. Updates on the progress of the investigation will be provided as additional information becomes available.

Violent Incident Unfolds During Religious Procession

Violent Incident Unfolds During Religious Procession

Vadodara Police have registered a complaint regarding an incident of violence during a religious procession, specifically a Shobha Yatra. The complaint details an unsettling episode that occurred during the procession organized on the 18th of this month. Participants, identified as part of a previous procession, had reportedly removed flags of Hindus during a boat procession. Subsequently, during yesterday evening’s Shobha Yatra in Bhoj Village, tensions escalated when a group with alleged intentions of disrupting and causing harm emerged from the vicinity of the Nagina Masjid.

Engaging in threatening behavior, hurling abusive language, and displaying aggressive actions, the group targeted individuals participating in the Shobha Yatra. Issuing verbal threats and unleashing violent attacks with stones and bricks, they inflicted damage on the procession, causing chaos and unrest. In response, the Vadodara Police have initiated an investigation into the matter to bring those responsible to justice.

The incident reflects a concerning escalation of tensions during religious processions, emphasizing the need for a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding such events. Law enforcement authorities are expected to conduct a comprehensive inquiry to determine the instigators and motives behind the violent actions witnessed during the Shobha Yatra in Bhoj Village. Further updates on the investigation will be communicated as the inquiry progresses.

Names of the Accused in the Violent Incident

The individuals implicated in the recent violent incident during the religious procession are as follows:

  1. Pulo Kasm Malek (Resident of Darbar ni Vadi, Bhoj Gaam)
  2. Faruk Darbar (Resident of Darbar ni Vadi, Bhoj Gaam)
  3. Anish Pratap
  4. Ashfaq Raju (Resident of Undun Faliyu, Bhoj Gaam)
  5. Ismail Master’s son, Isak
  6. Muddatsar, alias Mudo Kaliyo (Brother of Ladu)
  7. Ayub Ahmed Dhori’s elder son
  8. Rafiq Ibrahim, alias Double (Ismail Motaji’s younger son)
  9. Ismail Motaji’s younger son
  10. Altaf Kalubhai Rathod
  11. Faizan Yusuf Rathod
  12. Anwar Rathod
  13. Irfan Ismail Rathod, alias Iffo Rikshawala
  14. Sikandar Ahmed Chauhan
  15. Sameer Bachu Vaghela
  16. Bholu Raju Chiman

Additionally, approximately ten unknown individuals from various areas in Bhoj, Padra taluka, Vadodara, have been named in the complaint. The Vadodara Police are actively pursuing legal action against these individuals in connection with the incident.

Eight Individuals Provided Assistance Following Stone Pelting Incident

Eight Individuals Provided Assistance Following Stone Pelting Incident

In the aftermath of the stone-pelting incident, eight individuals who were affected by the violence have been extended support. The beneficiaries of this assistance include Preetiben Veersang, Amritaben Budhabhai, Anitaben Bharatbhai Patel, Soham Bharatbhai Patel, Piyush Ranjit, Kripaben Gopalbhai Patel, Laxmiben Rameshbhai Parmar, and Ishika Sarangbhai Patel (Residing in Bhoj, Taluka Padra, Vadodara).

The provision of aid aims to address the immediate needs of those impacted and contribute to their well-being in the aftermath of the unfortunate incident. The Vadodara authorities are actively engaged in offering support to the affected individuals to ensure their recovery and restoration.

Police Take Swift Action to Apprehend Suspects in Stone-Pelting Incident

Police Take Swift Action to Apprehend Suspects in Stone-Pelting Incident

In response to the stone-pelting incident, Vadodara Police, under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. D.G. Tadvi, have swiftly taken action against all the accused individuals involved. Currently, all suspects named in the complaint are reported to be on the run.

The Vadodara Police force, comprising teams from the District LCB (Local Crime Branch) and SOG (Special Operations Group), has formed multiple units to conduct extensive searches and investigations to locate the fugitives. The objective is to expedite legal proceedings and bring the accused to justice promptly.

The establishment of specialized teams reflects the police’s commitment to ensuring a thorough investigation and a swift resolution to the case. Authorities are actively pursuing leads and employing various strategies to apprehend the suspects, ensuring that they are swiftly brought to justice for their alleged involvement in the stone-pelting incident. Further updates on the progress of the investigation will be communicated as developments unfold.

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