US Presidential Candidate’s Chatbot Creation Leads to Developer Account Suspension By Open-AI: Alleged Violation of AI Regulations

Chat-GPT creator OpenAI has taken action against one of its bot developers, suspending and banning their account. The move comes in response to AI startup Delphi creating a chatbot impersonating US presidential candidate Dean Phillips. The chatbot conveyed Phillips’ messages to voters and engaged in interactions, a practice deemed as a violation of API usage rules by Open AI. The super PAC associated with Open-AI had signed an agreement with Delphi for the development of the bot.

Understanding Open-AI API

API, or Application Programming Interface, serves as a connection between OpenAI and machine learning models, facilitating various AI projects.

OpenAI Accuses Delphi Developers of Rights Abuse in AI Chatbot Creation

Open-AI accuses Delphi developers Matt Krisloff and Jed Sommers of violating rights by creating an AI version of a person without consent. This action is considered a breach of OpenAI’s policies, with concerns raised about its potential influence on elections.

OpenAI Implements Rules Against Mimic Chatbots in 2024 Elections

In response to the incident, OpenAI has recently issued rules for the 2024 elections. Candidates are prohibited from using mimic chatbots, and the technology is not to be employed for political propaganda or lobbying. OpenAI aims to regulate the ethical use of AI in the political landscape.

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