Tragic: 3 Children Lose Lives as Wall Collapses: Children Playing in Patangan Before School, Wall Suddenly Collapses

In a concerning incident at the primary school in Ukhalda village of Songadh Taluka, a bathroom wall collapsed. The incident occurred while three students from Grade 3 were practicing for increasing ease in toileting. Unfortunately, the incident resulted in minor injuries to the children, underscoring the necessity for proper maintenance and safety measures, especially in primary school facilities. It’s imperative that after basic maintenance, civil authorities conduct regular inspections to prevent such accidents in the future.

Wall Collapse Incident in Songadh Taluka's Primary School in Ukhalda Patel Faliya

Wall Collapse Incident in Songadh Taluka’s Primary School in Ukhalda Patel Faliya

In the primary school serving Grades 1 through 5 in Ukhalda Patel Faliya of Tapi district, a total of 47 students are enrolled. While classroom sessions typically occur in the afternoon, some children were engaged in recreational activities in the school’s playground, Patangan, during the break. Around 9 to 10 in the morning, a distressing incident unfolded when the wall of the severely deteriorated toilet in the school’s Patangan suddenly collapsed. Nearby students narrowly escaped harm as the wall crumbled. However, during the collapse, three students who were in close proximity to the wall suffered minor injuries.

After receiving initial care from local authorities, the children underwent further examination at the civil hospital. Among the three students, one suffered more significant injuries than the others. The incident underscores the necessity for the education department, teachers, and administrators to prioritize the maintenance of deteriorating walls in schools and ensure appropriate arrangements well in advance. Had proactive measures been taken, perhaps this incident could have been prevented. The incident occurred in a primary school in Ukhalda village of Songadh Taluka, where students from Grade 3 were practicing when the wall collapsed, resulting in minor injuries to three students.

minor injuries to three students

Community Initiative Addresses Infrastructure Needs in Schools

Deepakkumar Tejasbhai Chaudhari, Zhilkumar Bhaveshbhai Chaudhari, and Yashveerkumar Manishbhai Chaudhari, all third-grade students, participated in a community meeting held to address the need for constructing gutters for draining rainwater in Link Road and a major drain in the village. The request for constructing gutters came after authorities assured villagers that within a month, gutters would be built on both sides of the Link Road and the major drain to channel rainwater. The meeting witnessed significant participation from women in the village as well.

In Tapi district, several other schools also face challenges with deteriorating walls and toilets. It’s imperative to address such issues promptly to prevent unforeseen incidents involving students. Proper repairs and maintenance, including addressing damaged walls and drainage issues, need to be prioritized across all schools in the region.

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