Halted Water Sports Post Vadodara Incident: Shivrajpur Beach Witnesses Over 1 Crore Visitors Annually, Authority Becomes Imperative

Pabubha Manek, a local council member, has appealed to the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Bhupendra Patel, to appoint an authority to issue licenses for water sports activities at Shivrajpur Beach, near Dwarka, which has become internationally renowned as one of Gujarat’s premier tourist destinations.

In his plea to the Chief Minister, Pabubha Manek highlights the significant development projects aimed at enhancing tourist facilities at Shivrajpur Beach following its recognition as a Blue Flag beach a few years ago. Currently, Phase-1 development projects are underway, focusing on improving tourist amenities.

Plans for Phase-2 and Phase-3 involve further beach development and additional infrastructure projects beyond tourist facilities. However, recent incidents in Vadodara have prompted the Collector to temporarily halt water sports activities at Shivrajpur Beach, affecting tourist enjoyment and local employment opportunities, thus impacting tourism and local livelihoods.

Potential Growth of Tourism and Water Sports at Shivrajpur Beach

Potential Growth of Tourism and Water Sports at Shivrajpur Beach

With an annual influx of over one crore tourists, Shivrajpur Beach is poised to witness a significant surge in tourist amenities, resulting in amplified benefits for the local community. The rapid enhancement of tourist facilities, mirroring the trend observed in Goa, is expected to rejuvenate water sports activities with the appointment of a licensing authority. This resurgence in water sports activities will not only invigorate tourism but also amplify the ripple effects, fostering socio-economic growth and prosperity in the region.

Increasing Craze for Water Sports Activities at Shivrajpur Beach

The enthusiasm among tourists for water sports activities is steadily increasing at Shivrajpur Beach. Since the commencement of development projects, activities such as scuba diving, parasailing, boating, and jet skiing have been flourishing. Consequently, over the past four to five years, there has been a notable surge in the number of tourists visiting Shivrajpur Beach, with an annual count reaching a staggering one crore. 

Despite the absence of major mishaps or infrastructural shortcomings, local council members assert that the cessation of tourism-related activities across the state due to isolated incidents is unnecessary. They advocate for the immediate authorization of the Goa Water Sports Authority (GWSA) or a similar body to oversee water sports activities at Shivrajpur Beach. 

Until such an authority is established, they propose granting temporary licenses to qualified operators to resume activities, ensuring the restoration of livelihoods for thousands of locals and potentially revitalizing tourism in the region. This call underscores the urgency for a judicious decision to balance safety concerns with the need for economic vitality.

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