First Ever Quadruple Contest in Gujarat’s Lok Sabha Elections with Four Candidates

The Bharuch Lok Sabha election of 2024 in Gujarat is witnessing a surge in political fervor with the entry of new candidates. This election marks a significant battleground where a quadruple fight is unfolding. Initially, the battle seemed to be between Manish Vasava of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Chaitar Vasava of the Indian National Congress. 

However, the scenario has evolved with the entry of AIMIM and Chhotu Vasava into the fray, adding further complexity to the electoral landscape.

New Entrants Shake Up Bharuch Election Landscape as Poll Dates Near

As the election dates draw near, Chhotu Bhai Vasava, a prominent figure, is set to introduce his new party’s candidate, adding another dimension to the Bharuch electoral scene. With AIMIM also announcing its contender, the Bharuch constituency now boasts four candidates vying for victory. 

Meanwhile, speculation brews over the stance of other opposition parties in this electoral battle. While incumbent MP Manish Vasava seems confident with his party’s stronghold, praising the Modi government’s work, discussions about local development and criticism of AAP and AIMIM find prominence in the discourse, particularly in rural areas.

Chaitar Vasava: BJP Faces Criticism, But Confidence Prevails in Bharuch Election Battle

Chaitar Vasava, the candidate representing the BJP, has also taken aim at the party’s opponent, AIMIM, alleging attempts to divide votes. He emphasized that the AIMIM’s presence signifies no threat as the real competition lies between BJP and Congress. 

Asserting youth power and the absence of any alliance in the constituency, Chaitar Vasava exuded confidence, stating that victory is within reach. With the Bharuch Lok Sabha election heating up, the stage is set for a fierce showdown, promising an intense battle for victory.

AIMIM Announces Participation in Gujarat Lok Sabha Elections

In a significant announcement, AIMIM declared its intention to contest the Lok Sabha elections in Gujarat. The party will field candidates in two constituencies of Gujarat, namely Bharuch and Gandhinagar. With this decision, AIMIM makes its formal entry into the electoral battleground of Gujarat’s Lok Sabha arena.

Chhotu Vasava Launches New Organization as Son Mahesh Vasava Joins BJP

On the other front, Chhotu Vasava, who has been associated with BJP, has announced the formation of a new organization. This move comes amidst preparations for the electoral battle, particularly in Bharuch. 

Chhotu Vasava has established the Bharat Adivasi Sena, a new organization, which is expected to unveil its candidates in the coming days. Meanwhile, Chhotu Vasava’s son, Mahesh Vasava, has recently joined the BJP, adding an intriguing twist to the political landscape.

Manasukh Vasava’s Response to AIMIM’s Entry

Regarding AIMIM’s entry into the Bharuch Lok Sabha constituency, MP Manasukh Vasava commented on the matter, stating that AIMIM and AAP are essentially the same party, so BJP will not suffer any loss from the entry of AIMIM and Chhotu Vasava’s party. 

He further mentioned that even if prominent figures contest in the Bharuch meeting, BJP will not be affected. With a lead of 5 lakh votes, BJP is poised to win the Bharuch Lok Sabha meeting. BJP has worked extensively for the rights of tribal communities, which is why the public will remain with the BJP.

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