Unlock Premium Benefits: Free for X-Users with 2.5K Followers, Upgrade to Premium+ for 5K+ with Post Editing & AI Chatbot Access

The company will now provide free premium services to individuals who have 2500 or more verified followers on social media platform X. Additionally, those with 5000 or more verified followers will receive complimentary access to the Premium Plus feature.

Announcement of Premium Services by Tesla’s Owner Elon Musk

Tesla, SpaceX, and X owner Elon Musk has announced this feature. X’s premium service offers users ad-free experience, increased character limit for posts, post-editing capabilities, and many other features.

Integration of AI-Based Chatbot ‘Grok’ with Premium+ Service

Users subscribing to the Premium+ service will gain access to the company’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbot ‘Grok’ beyond all premium features. Musk had announced offering access to Grok to premium subscribers nearly a week before.

Introduction of Blue Subscription Service

The price for the Blue subscription service is 650 rupees for web users in India, while it costs 900 rupees per month for Android and iOS mobile users. Web users can avail the Blue subscription service for 650 rupees per month. Changes have been made to the Blue subscription service to increase revenue.

Twitter Acquired for $44 Billion in October 2022

Elon Musk bought Twitter for approximately 44 billion dollars, which is about 3.64 lakh crore rupees on October 27, 2022. After this acquisition, Musk made significant decisions.

Major Decisions by Elon Musk…

Dismissal of Many Employees

After acquiring Twitter, Musk dismissed four top executives of the company. This includes CEO Parag Agrawal, finance chief Ned Segal, legal executive Vijaya Gadde, and chief design officer. Musk had nearly 7500 employees then, but now only 2500 remain.

Unblock of Many Blocked Accounts

In November 2022, Musk unblocked many blocked accounts, including former US President Donald Trump. He had conducted a poll on Twitter about whether Trump’s account should be restored. More than 15 million users participated in the poll, with 52% voting ‘yes’.

Launch of Blue Subscription Service

Elon Musk launched the Blue subscription service worldwide. In India, the price for web users is 650 rupees, and the annual subscription is 6,800 rupees. Mobile users are charged 900 rupees per month for the subscription.

Increased Character Limit and Reading Limit

Musk increased the character limit for posts from 280 to 25,000. There is also a reading limit applied to posts. Verified users can read up to ten thousand posts per day, while unverified users can read up to a thousand posts. New unverified users can read only 500 posts per day.

Change in Platform’s Name and Logo

On July 23, Elon Musk made the biggest change by replacing ‘Twitter’ with ‘X’ in the name and logo. With the name change, Musk stated that X would provide all kinds of financial services in the coming months. In this situation, the name Twitter has no meaning.

Rollout of Audio and Video Call Feature

The audio-video call feature was rolled out on X on October 26. Musk announced through a post on X that this is the initial version of audio-video calling.

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