Spate of Robberies in Vadodara: Gang Posing as Rickshaw Pullers Targets Bhayli, Strikes Again, Robbing Hotel Employee

In the city, for the past month, there have been incidents of robbers targeting rickshaw drivers and carrying out robberies on international highways. A month ago, after robbing a Mumbai businessman, the rickshaw driver, who had turned into a robber, fled after assaulting a hotel employee. The police in Sayajigunj are investigating this case.

The suspect had left his job to go home. According to available information, Sudarshan Rawat, who resides in Kishanwadi near the city’s Sardar Estate and works in a hotel kitchen, left the hotel around 10:30 pm. After leaving the hotel, he boarded a shuttle auto-rickshaw heading towards the railway station to go home. When he was seated in the rickshaw, two other passengers were also present.

In the auto-rickshaw, there were three passengers.

Sudarshan Rawat, along with two other passengers, disembarked from the shuttle auto-rickshaw onto the road. As Sudarshan Rawat had to get off at the railway station, the other two passengers were also headed in the same direction in the rickshaw. They were alone in the rickshaw when another individual, a fellow passenger with the rickshaw driver, boarded from the railway station. The rickshaw driver and his accomplice diverted Sudarshan Rawat towards the bridge, where on the road, they assaulted him and robbed him of his mobile phone and Rs. 400 before fleeing. This incident has instilled fear among hotel employees and workers who commute to their rooms after their shifts, as the robber had been working in city hotels and had left the hotel after his shift, going to his room in the night.

The Sayajigunj police are conducting an investigation. During the ongoing investigation into the robbery incident, Sudarshan Rawat approached the Sayajigunj police station and lodged a complaint against the auto-rickshaw driver and his accomplice. It is noteworthy that this incident occurred a month after a similar robbery on Ajwa Road in the city involving a Mumbai businessman.

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