Government Job Fraud Exposed: Rajkot Secretariat Imposter Demands 12 Lakh for Job, Scams 10 Lakh from Aspiring Youth

The information you provided appears to be a description of a situation where a person named Raviraj Kundariya is accused of offering a fake job promise to a youth in the Manavadar taluka of Junagadh district, Gujarat, India. The complaint alleges that he took a bribe of 10 lakh rupees from the complainant, promising a government job, and also submitted false documents related to the job.

The case involves allegations of corruption, fraud, and misuse of authority. The police station in Patanvav, Rajkot district, has received a complaint against Raviraj Kundariya, and an investigation is ongoing. The complainant, who claims to be associated with the Consumer Protection and Analysis Committee, has accused Raviraj Kundariya of exploiting his position for personal gain.

It is mentioned that the complainant has proof of a fake job offer and has provided documents related to the case. The accused, Raviraj Kundariya, has reportedly been remanded for four days for further investigation.

After two to three days, on the fourth day, both I and my parents, along with my wife, were at our home when Navneetbhai and his friend Parthbhai came to our house on bikes. They told us that I would get a job as a clerk in the Secretariat without an exam. They said that to secure the job, I needed to pay a token of Rs. 1.50 lakh, and the remaining Rs. 9.50 lakh would be paid once I receive the job order. They explained that on the next day of the exam, I would receive a call. Following their instructions, I received a message on WhatsApp with the details, including a token amount of Rs. 1.50 lakh.

On the day of the exam, I was to send a code using a pencil after receiving a call in a particular manner. If I did it correctly, I would receive the job order, and the rest of the Rs. 9.50 lakh would be paid. However, on the next day of the exam, I received a call from Navneetbhai informing me that the system had changed, and now I had to write a T9 code above the seat number on the back of the question paper using a pencil. This code would be used for verification, and a few days later, Navneetbhai called me again to inform me that a T9 code had been assigned to me.

Subsequently, I received a call and was told that a new system had been introduced, where I had to write a T9 code on the upper right corner of the backside of the answer sheet. The code would be a T9 code and would be written above the bubble. If I made a mistake, I could correct it and write the correct T9 code with a pencil. The person assured me that this system was genuine.

Later on, I received a call again, and Navneetbhai informed me that a T9 code had been generated for me. The call took place before the exam for the post of Clerk in the Secretariat, which was held on February 13, 2022, at Alpha School in Madhuram. According to Navneetbhai, I was supposed to write the T9 code in the bubble above the seat number on the backside of the answer sheet. After following these instructions, I stayed at home.

Took an exam for a government position, but their name did not appear in the results. They contacted the official, Navneetbhai, who informed them that their name wasn’t in the results. Later, the author received a call from Navneetbhai asking them to visit the Gandhinagar Secretariat for verification. After a series of events, including a visit to the Gandhinagar Secretariat and a stay at a hotel, the author and others were finally informed that they needed to submit certain documents for further processing.

along with their relative, visited the office of the Gujarat Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board to submit documents for a government service selection. After submitting the documents, they were informed that everyone should be present the next day for further proceedings. The author, along with others, went to the specified hotel and stayed there overnight. The next day, they visited the office again, and after some paperwork, they were informed that an inward copy of the report would be provided the next day.

After two days, Nainitbhai’s call came, and he told me that your order has arrived at my house from my house, and I have received your order from there. A receipt was given, and according to Nainitbhai’s information after a few days, Ashishbhai Bokhiria may also arrive there, and from there, Nainitbhai has gone to Baroda to receive our order. In Baroda, I met Nikunjbhai and they gave me an order receipt and a report to be present, and an unknown brother brought a file to Nikunjbhai, in which Nikunjbhai has told me that I should check it because he has not checked it for accuracy in the papers in the file. So, Nikunjbhai told me that everything is true, so tomorrow we will go to the Superintendent of Health and Family Welfare Department Vadodara and Hasumukh Patel Sahib, who has placed the orders, will be present there. According to Nikunjbhai, he told me that you should not tell anyone about this matter or tell anyone about this order; the money received from you will be returned to you when you come back.

However, he did not give me the 10 lakh rupees that I had applied for investigation. Four years ago, Nainitbhai Kantibhai Ramani and Nikunjbhai were tempted to get a government job, and through the Rachel Kavatara, I got confidence and trust in getting a government job in the Gujarat Civil Services Selection Board, Gandhinagar, and other places, and I received 10 lakh rupees from Nainitbhai. I got selected in the Gujarat Civil Services Selection Board, Gandhinagar, through the issuance of a medical order like a medical order issued by the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Gandhinagar, and a medical order issued by the Vadodara Department of Health and Family Welfare.

An office order like an office order issued by the Vadodara Department of Health and Family Welfare is issued, and the report to be present is written in it, and as the same office order is issued by all government offices, I have to attend with the report written in it, which is used as evidence for obtaining a government job. Today, I have not got a government job, and the reason for not getting a job is that I have received 10 lakh rupees from Nainitbhai from time to time, and I have filed complaints against all the false documents related to government jobs with the police stations and other places in Patan district.

It’s worth mentioning that along with the arrested AROI Nainit Ramani, many other people are involved, such as Nimnu and other people who are indulging in corruption and are actively involved in job-related frauds. In this direction, the Patan Police are conducting more investigations.

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