MGVCL Smart Meter Shock: Vadodara Residents Hit with ₹9.24 Lakh Electricity Bills

Electricity Bill Shock: From 1500-2000 to 924,254 Rupees

What would be your reaction if you received a message stating that your pending electricity bill is ₹924,254? This is exactly what happened to Mrityunjay Dhar, a resident of the Gorwa area in Vadodara. The introduction of smart meters has sparked significant outrage among people. In this case, MGVCL sent a shocking message to a common man, stating that he has an outstanding electricity bill of ₹9.24 lakh. Normally, his bill amounts to around ₹2000 each month. However, after the installation of the smart meter, he received a message claiming that he owes lakhs of rupees. This situation has left the family distressed, prompting them to demand appropriate action regarding the matter.

Ground Slipped from Under His Feet

Mrityunjay Dhar, who lives in a rented house in the Riddhi Siddhi Society in the Gorwa area and works in the central government, experienced a shock when he received a message on his mobile stating that his outstanding electricity bill was ₹924,254. This unexpected news left him in a state of distress. Due to his vacation plans to his hometown in Kolkata, he has not been able to investigate the matter further.

Usually Receives a Bill Around ₹2000

Mrityunjay Dhar shared that he has been living in the Riddhi Siddhi Society in the Gorwa area for the past seven years. Typically, his monthly electricity bill averages around ₹2000. However, a few days ago, he received a message on his mobile stating that his smart meter had been installed and his outstanding balance was ₹924,254. Additionally, the message indicated that he would need to pay ₹5000 every month moving forward.

Unaware of When the Smart Meter was Installed

Mrityunjay Dhar mentioned that since he is going on vacation to Kolkata, he hasn’t been able to investigate the enormous bill. He plans to look into the matter upon his return and has also asked his neighbors to check on it. He is unaware of when the smart meter was installed in his house.

Reinstall the Old Meters

Social worker Viren Rami stated that the smart meters are causing significant problems for people. A person living in a housing unit has received a bill of ₹924,254, leading to severe inconvenience for the family. Rami suggested that the smart meters should be removed and the old meters should be reinstalled.

MGVCL’s Blunder

Frequently, MGVCL sends such exorbitant bills to people, leading to significant blunders. This issue has also surfaced with smart meters. As a result of these errors, people face considerable inconvenience and distress.

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