Fake Mark Sheet Used to Secure Position in Morbi Post Office, Document Verification Exposes Deception

Prakash Rebari, is accused of submitting a fake mark sheet during the document verification process for a job in the postal department in the Morbi branch. The complainant, Vijayalakshmi Mina, filed a complaint with the police, alleging that Rebari submitted a forged mark sheet and other documents. The case involves charges under IPC sections 465, 467, 468, and 471.

The complainant mentions that Rebari had applied online and provided all the necessary documents, including a mark sheet. However, during the document verification process at the Rajkot head office, discrepancies were found in the mark sheet. The complainant accuses Rebari of using fraudulent means to secure the job.

Further details reveal that the complainant received a message from Rebari, who applied for the position of Branch Post Master in the postal department, stating that he had been working in the head office as an Assistant Superintendent and was transferred to the headquarter of the Assistant Superintendent. The complaint was filed on the grounds that Rebari might have submitted a fake mark sheet, and if proven, he could be disqualified from the job.

The investigation involved verifying the documents submitted by Rebari, including his mark sheet, through the Additional Secretary of the Secondary Education Council, Uttar Pradesh. The response from the Council indicated that the mark sheet was entirely fabricated and false. The complainant raised concerns about the possibility of Rebari using unfair means to secure the job and questioned his eligibility.

The complainant also mentioned that during the conversation with Rebari, it was evident that he couldn’t speak Gujarati fluently, raising suspicions. The case progressed with the police taking necessary legal action against Rebari based on the evidence provided.

Overall, the passage narrates a case of alleged document forgery during a job application process, leading to legal consequences for the accused individual, Prakash Rebari.

Niyati Rao

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