Rajkot Sarveshwar Chowk Accident: Slab Collapse Injures Many

A major accident has occurred on Yagnik Road in Rajkot. This road is usually bustling with a food market on Sundays, attracting a large number of people who come here to eat. Near the Sarveshwar Chowk in the city, a slab near Santosh Bhel collapsed, resulting in several individuals falling beneath. Immediate response teams from the fire brigade, including two vehicles and ambulances, have arrived at the scene. Rescue operations are ongoing at Sarveshwar Chowk due to the incident. Fortunately, there have been no reported casualties so far due to the incident.

15-20 People Were Trapped.

The Mayor, Collector, local representatives, and even the Member of Parliament had reached the scene. Speaking about the incident with Dharasabha member Rameshbhai Tilala, they revealed that, “In the Jagannath Vishram area of Rajkot, a slab collapsed, trapping people in Vocala. Immediate efforts by the fire brigade and local authorities resulted in the rescue of those trapped, and they were immediately transported to the hospital by ambulance. Thankfully, there have been no reported casualties so far. Some individuals have sustained minor to moderate injuries. 15-20 people were trapped, and all have been safely rescued and taken to the hospital. Concerns about 1-2 individuals having more severe injuries have been raised.

The Team of Experts in Disaster Management and Health is Ready to assist.

Boarding Chairman Jaymin Thakar states that, so far, there haven’t been any incidents of casualties, thanks to the grace of Lord Dada. People were gathering here due to the Ganpati Mahotsav. The crowd had gathered to be together for the Ganpati festivities, and this led to a commotion. In this type of construction work, Rajkot Municipal Corporation has taken action even during the monsoon, and in the coming days, those responsible for any wrongdoing will face consequences. The team of engineers, health experts, and other officials is present here, and the city is under control, ensuring that such incidents do not recur.

The Crowd Gathered due to the Ganpati Mahotsav Resulted in the Unfortunate Incident of people coming Together.

Mayor Nayana Pethadiya also arrived at the scene. Speaking about the incident, she mentioned, “The aarti of Ganpati Mahotsav was taking place, and a large crowd had gathered. Some individuals were affected in the incident. Therefore, our top priority is to provide immediate assistance to all those affected by deploying medical and administrative personnel to take them to the hospital promptly.”

No Casualties have been Reported so far.

Mukesh Doshi, the BJP city president, also reached the incident site. He said, “In the Sarveshwar Chowk incident, several individuals have been affected. Therefore, our primary concern is to ensure that all people receive immediate assistance and stay safe. We pray to the Almighty that everyone remains safe. Those responsible for this incident will face strict action. Currently, it is known that approximately seven individuals have been affected. The fire department, municipal staff, and the police force are all present here continuously. Currently, there is no news of any casualties.

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