Sukesh’s Letter to Kejriwal from Jail Reveals Kejariwal Done 10 Scams,Sukesh is Witnessed of 4 Scams

Suresh Chandra Sekhar has penned a letter expressing his views on the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal. Suresh, who is currently imprisoned on charges of a 200 crore scam, has welcomed Kejriwal to the Tihar Club in his letter. He also expressed his happiness for receiving such a good birthday gift.

Allegations Against Arvind Kejriwal: A Brief History

This isn’t the first time Suresh has leveled accusations against Arvind Kejriwal. On May 6, 2023, in a letter addressed to Delhi’s LG, he mentioned giving Kejriwal silver items worth 90 lakh rupees as a gift for changing a project in Karol Bagh. The items included 15 silver plates, 20 glasses, sculptures, watches, and silver spoons.

Arvind Kejriwal’s Arrest and Legal Proceedings

Arvind Kejriwal was arrested on March 21st from CM House. On Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock, he was produced in the PMLA court where Justice Kaveree granted him a 6-day remand from the ED.

Read the letter…

Arvind Kejriwal… Always a victory of truth. This is the strength of the new India. There’s no one above the law. First of all, I welcome you.

It’s great. March 25th is my birthday. It’s going to be a festive day. I consider your arrest as my best birthday gift. Kejriwal ji, you may not realize it, but truth cannot be hidden for long.

Brother Kejriwal ji, now all your corruption will come to light. You have committed 10 scams as Chief Minister, looting the poor of Delhi. I have evidence of 4 out of those 10 scams. I have proof and I will come out openly against you and be a witness against you in these 4 scams. You are afraid. The Delhi Excise case is about to start.

You won’t be able to see the outside of your Tihar club soon. This is all your doing. You gave fake medicines to the poor patients, stole money meant for poor children’s education, and even stole money for water. But do you think you’ll get away with it?

You say it’s a Ram Rajya. Lord Ram himself will punish you for your actions. It’s on God, and all this is being watched. Especially your arrogance, your falsehoods, and the way you engage with people, you have now reached zero again.

I know going to jail doesn’t make any difference to you because you have complete control and the authorities are under your thumb. I know now you’ll operate from Tihar and I also know you’ll come after me. I am prepared to expose you.

So do your best, because I will reveal everything. I’ll prove to the world that the people associated with you and your party are the most corrupt in the world.

Kejriwal ji, you are being compared to other corrupt officials with shame. It’s still being said that you are a thoughtful person. I remember in 2016 at our friend’s birthday party, you kept making fun of your Guruji, Anna Hazare. You are a failure. Your thoughts have deteriorated, they’re only for yourself and your corrupt colleagues. Not for anyone else.

You and your other corrupt colleagues call me arrogant. Now you should realize your reality, who you are? Well, I’ll tell you soon. I’m ready to face you. My sister Kavita will soon file evidence in front of CBI and ED. This year too, thank you for the wonderful birthday gift, Kejriwal. Whatever you said will all change in reality.

Lastly, I request that you fight the assembly elections only from Tihar jail. I promise you that I will contest against you and not disappoint you. Remember all your corrupt friends are on the list to join Tihar Club. Enjoy your arrest with the ED and CBI. In the end, I request that I heartily welcome Tihar’s Big Boss. I’ll meet you soon, my brother Kejriwal ji. Thank you.

Allegation of ₹200 Crore Scam against Sukesh

The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Delhi Police has reportedly filed an FIR against Sukesh and others for alleged cheating, scam, and embezzlement worth around ₹200 crores. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) claimed in its submission that Sukesh Chandrasekhar is the mastermind behind this embezzlement. He has been involved in the world of crime since the age of 17.

Seizure of Sukesh’s Mansion in Chennai

On August 24th, the ED seized Sukesh’s sea-facing mansion in Chennai. From his mansion, they confiscated ₹82.5 lakhs in cash, 2 kilograms of gold, and more than a dozen luxury cars.

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