Surat Airport Director Orders Probe into Herds of Boars Roaming In Premises

At Surat International Airport, a video capturing four Boars roaming around the airport premises has surfaced, alarming the airport management team. Following this, the Surat Airport Director, S. C. Balas, has ordered an investigation into how the Boars managed to come near the terminal building, garden, and parking area. There are concerns about breaches in the airport’s walls. The airport manager has been instructed to conduct an inquiry.

Inspection of Animal Incidents by Airport Authority

Within the premises of Surat International Airport, incidents involving buffaloes, dogs, cats, and now Boars have raised concerns about animal intrusions. Despite the authorities’ efforts to manage the airport’s responsibilities, even the street dogs and Boars have been seen wandering towards the bus stand of the airport. A video showing Boars roaming around the airport premises has gone viral on social media, prompting the Surat Airport Authority to take precautions.

Airport Director Denies Responsibility for Capturing Boars

Surat Airport Director S. C. Balas stated that capturing street dogs and Boars is not the responsibility of the airport. Instead, local authorities, such as the Surat Municipal Corporation, have been approached in writing multiple times to seek support to prevent dogs and Boars from entering the airport, especially from the beautification area adjacent to the airport road. It is hoped that cooperation from Surat city will be forthcoming. Today, four Boars were driven out of the airport premises.

‘Boars Enter Due to Nearby Fields Contaminated with Waste’

The airport authority is trying to prevent incidents where Boars enter the main entry passage of the airport through the fields of neighboring villages contaminated with waste. Incidents of intrusion have occurred many times. A viral video showed Boars roaming near the entrance gate of the terminal building, parking, garden area, and near the airport director’s office.

101 Bird Hits and Animal Hits in 6 Years

It is notable that airport authorities are spending a whopping fifty lakh rupees annually, including bursting crackers, but incidents of bird hits and animal hits are increasing at the airport. In the last 6 years alone, a total of 101 incidents of bird hits and animal hits have been recorded. Surat Airport ranks second in the state for such incidents, with Ahmedabad at the top, Vadodara at third, and Rajkot at fourth.

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