Extortion of 1.15 Crores, Alleged Terror Fund Involvement By The Name of Cyber Cell Officer

Several unidentified individuals called the president of a private institute in Ahmedabad, posing as cyber cell officials, and informed him that fake bank accounts had been opened in his name. They claimed that these accounts were being used for money laundering and terrorist funding purposes. They intimidated him through Skype conversations and conducted separate transactions amounting to 1.15 crore rupees. This incident has been reported to the cybercrime department.

Courier Company Received a Call

On March 20th, Shailendra Raj Mehta, president of the Micah Institute in Ahmedabad, received a call from an unknown number. The caller claimed to be from a courier company and said that a parcel had been sent in his name to Taiwan. The parcel has been detained by Mumbai Customs, containing a passport, mobile phone, laptop, clothes, and 200 grams of MDMA drugs. They demanded clarification regarding this matter. Later, the cyber cell officer transferred the call to someone else.

Fear of Opening Multiple Accounts in Your Name

While transferring a call in the name of a courier company, another person provided their identification openly. It was revealed that they had alerted the cyber cell about fraudulent activities. Shailendra Raj Mehta was informed that someone had opened 300 to 400 fraudulent accounts, including those of reputable individuals. They have previously arrested 10 to 12 bank managers involved in cloning SIM cards. If you feel trapped during a phone call, contact the cybercrime hotline.

Family’s Life in Danger Announced

Shailendra received a letter from someone claiming to be from the CBI via Skype. The letter, also sent as a threat, was addressed to him and his family, warning them of danger to their lives. They were advised to stay home and keep their phones on. Shailendra kept his phone charging all night. The next day, a person named Balsingh Rajput contacted him, claiming to be an official from the cyber cell, and initiated a Skype call along with a CBI warrant. After confirming their identity, George Mathew, another individual, started the conversation.

Money Removed from Accounts of Fruit Traders and Shivam Charitable Trust

George Mathew stated that many transactions had been made from Shailendra’s ICICI Bank account, which were not reflected in his account. However, they were visible on the RBI’s server. To view transactions from his bank, they were advised to transfer to PNB Bank accounts of Fruit Traders and Shivam Charitable Trust. This way, all transactions could be seen on the RBI server. Once the transferred amount would reach their account, it would be deposited back within 15 minutes.

Cybercriminals Stole 1.15 Crore Service

Miscreants managed to deceive Shailendra Mehta’s account, transferring 1 crore to a Fruit Traders’ account and 15.11 lakh to the Shivam Charitable Trust account. After the money was deposited, Shailendra was asked to return the money, but he wasn’t given back the money he requested. Suspicious, he discovered that the money had been transferred to different accounts. When the matter was investigated, it was found that the money had been transferred to various accounts. He filed a complaint with the cybercrime helpline.

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