Bomb Threats in 80 Schools Across Delhi-NCR: Security Teams Deployed, 60 Schools Evacuated

Approximately 80 schools in Delhi-NCR have received bomb threats. According to Delhi Police, these threats have been sent via email. The email was received this morning around 6 o’clock.

Delhi Police, Bomb Disposal Squad, Fire Tenders, and ambulances have been deployed to all schools. They are conducting searches for any potential bombs. Additionally, efforts are underway to trace the sender of the threatening emails. About 60 schools have been evacuated.

Copy of the threatening email sent to the schools:

Devesh Kumar Mahala says – “We have checked all the schools and found nothing suspicious. There is no need to panic.”

DCP East Delhi Apoorva Gupta says – “Our teams reached the incident site as soon as information was received.”

What steps have been taken so far?

  1. After receiving the threat, schools informed the police control room.
  2. Police cyber cell deployed teams to track the email.
  3. Security protocols have been implemented after the threat.
  4. Schools have been evacuated. Children have been sent home.
  5. So far, the teams have not found any suspicious items.
  6. Police and administration advise parents not to worry. They have assured that all security measures are in place.

Who sent the email?

According to reports, the police have learned so far that threatening emails have been sent to schools from several locations across the country.

Delhi Police said – There is no need to panic. DCP Rohit Meena of Delhi Police said – Our effort is to ensure that parents do not panic. Our priority is the safety of schools and children. We are also talking to parents.

ACP (Law and Order) Shivhari Meena said – Information about the bomb threat was received via email in Noida. Noida Police, Fire Tender, and Bomb Disposal Squad teams are present at the incident site. Students have been sent back home. Investigation is ongoing. We have not found anything so far.

The school said – “We have not taken any risks, and we have sent the children back.”

The principal of DPS Noida, Kamini, said – “We have received the email. We cannot take any risks. We informed the police. Parents were also informed. The students who had arrived at the school were sent back. Those who were on the way or had not arrived were denied entry.”

Parents said – “We received a message at the bus stop that there is a holiday.”

The mother of a student practicing at Dwarka DPS said – “When the school bus arrived at the bus stop, we received a message that there is a holiday. Initially, we had no information, then we learned that there is a bomb threat. Last year also, DPS Mathura Road received a bomb threat. Later, it turned out to be a false alarm.”

According to sources connected with Delhi Police, many schools in Delhi received bomb threat emails on Wednesday morning. It seems that this email has come from an IP address outside the country. The matter is under investigation.

As per sources, Delhi Police stated that initial investigations suggest that emails have been received from many places since yesterday. There is no deadline mentioned in these emails. The same email has been received at multiple places.

It is worth mentioning that schools in Delhi have often received such bomb threat emails. In the month of February, the principal of DPS RK Puram, located in Delhi, had received a similar email. In February, Saket’s Amity School also received a similar email. In this email, the school was also asked for money.

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