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Shocking Experience: Plastic Found in Pizza at The Ocean Pizza, Ahmedabad

A bitter experience occurred to a family who went to The Ocean Pizza, located in Sarju Arena Complex on Shlok Residence Road in the Chandkheda area of Ahmedabad. Although they did not find any insects in the pizza, plastic was found in it. Disturbed by this, they approached the outlet’s owner. However, the owner responded uncooperatively, and when they wanted to lodge a complaint, they were asked to leave. They had also informed the police about the matter, but the police did not intervene. When these two friends checked the kitchen, they found unhygienic conditions. Spoiled potatoes and stale bread were also found. All these scenes were recorded by the friends on their mobile phones.

The first slice of pizza that a family from Chandkheda area in Ahmedabad ate at The Ocean Pizza contained a piece of plastic. Disturbed by this, they informed their friend Kiran Chauhan. Upon reaching the outlet, Kiran Chauhan immediately contacted Divya Bhaskar. It was revealed in their conversation that Kiran Chauhan had informed me, so I immediately reached the pizza outlet. When we complained to the owner about finding a piece of plastic in the pizza, they cooperated with us.

We had apologized to the family

The manager of The Ocean Pizza informed Divya Bhaskar in their conversation that two days ago, a family who had come to eat pizza had found plastic in their pizza. Upon learning about it, we had apologized to them and assured them that such incidents would never happen again. However, they were not ready to accept it then. Later, after explaining to them extensively, they realized that it should not happen again. This incident had occurred when they had come to dine with their family. Later, they had returned and recorded videos of our kitchen again.

Even after informing the police five times

Kirn Chauhan further revealed that when they inspected their outlet kitchen, they found dirt there. When they complained about this, another person also accompanied them. They also engaged in unruly behavior and insisted that whatever happens, they would do it their way. When they dialed 100 to inform the police, the police did not come. Even after informing them five times, the local police did not come to take a report. When we went downstairs as directed by the owner, even there, unruly behavior ensued, and they said to inform whoever you want to, we won’t do anything about it. However, even after this incident, the Municipal Corporation’s Food Department was not informed.

Such incidents are increasing in front of AMC

Incidents of finding living or non-food items coming out of pizzas, especially from pizza outlets in various areas of the city, are increasing day by day. Whether it’s a branded pizza outlet or any other pizza outlet, such incidents continue to occur. Municipal Corporation does not conduct inspections in such pizza outlets. Why is cleanliness maintained in all hotels and restaurants in the city? Whether proper cleanliness is maintained in their kitchens or not, etc., is inspected by the municipal corporation system.

But the food department’s team never does surprise checks in such hotel restaurants or outlets, and no strict action is taken. Due to this, hotel and restaurant owners do not take it seriously. Even the health officers of the municipal corporation do not take this matter seriously, which is increasing the risk to the health of the citizens.

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