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La Pino’z Pizza in Ahmedabad: Insect Incident in Ellis Bridge

In Ahmedabad, if you’re going to enjoy branded pizza, check it twice because even in these branded pizzas, insects are making an appearance. After the incident of insects found in La Pino’z Pizza in Bopal area of the city, today a young man went to the La Pino’z Pizza behind Gujarat College in Ellis Bridge area with some other friends to have pizza. At that time, when they opened the pizza box, small insects came out of it, and the young man complained to the staff there. So, immediately, he took the pizza back, and they acknowledged their mistake. In this matter, he also informed the Municipal Corporation and the police reached there. The staff also promised to refund him.

In the Pizza, Small Insects Ranging from 10 to 15 were found.

In a conversation with Divya Bhaskar, a young man shared that this afternoon, he went to the La Pino’z Pizza center behind Gujarat College in Ellis Bridge with five of his friends to have pizza. They ordered one large pizza and one small pizza. When both pizzas arrived and they opened the boxes, they were shocked to find small insects crawling out of the small pizza, which left them astonished. They immediately informed the staff about the insects found in the pizza. The staff acknowledged their mistake and took the pizza back. They also offered a refund, but the matter was reported to the police and the corporation as well.

Many questions surround the functioning of the Health Department in Ahmedabad city as numerous hotels and restaurants compromise people’s health. In hotel rooms, the presence of insects and other contaminants in food has become a recurring issue due to inadequate hygiene. The Health Department of the Municipal Corporation is now facing numerous inquiries, especially because such incidents are occurring even in well-known branded pizza centers.

Not only hotels but also restaurants may have hygiene issues, although there is no strict enforcement of regulations in place. Food department inspectors are merely imposing nominal fines, but there seems to be a need for more rigorous inspections and checks to ensure food safety.

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