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Bopal’s Papa Louis Pizza: Sealed for Moths & Unlicensed Operation

In Ahmedabad, there have been instances where several hotels and restaurants have been found to have health hazards due to poor hygiene and sanitation practices. In one particular case, a thorough inspection by the Municipal Corporation’s Food Department revealed severe hygiene and licensing violations at Papa Louis Pizza restaurant. These violations included a significant lack of cleanliness and operating without proper licenses. Consequently, the Food Department took immediate action and sealed the Papa Louis Pizza restaurant to address these violations and ensure public health and safety.

Such actions by local authorities are essential to maintain food safety standards and protect the health of customers who dine at various establishments. Proper inspections and compliance with food safety regulations are crucial to prevent health issues arising from unsanitary conditions in hotels and restaurants.

Food Bill Waived for Finding Living Creatures in Food

According to the available information, in the city of Ahmedabad, under the bridge in the Sardar Nagar area, there is a Papa Louis Pizza restaurant. Today, a young man named Hetvarth Raval, residing in the Sanand area of the city, went to Papa Louis Pizza with his friend to enjoy unlimited pizza. In the midst of this, they ordered items like potato fries, pizza, garlic bread, and more. However, the food items lacked quality, and they even found living creatures in their food. Surprisingly, they not only discovered living creatures in their food but also decided to taste them. They even found some snails in the food. In response to this, they complained to the staff at Papa Louis Pizza and asked for the bill to be waived. Surprisingly, they were charged only Rs. 30 for a bottle of water, and the entire food bill was waived.

Restaurant Sealed for Operating Without Food License

In a surprising turn of events, it was revealed that the restaurant owner did not possess a food license. When the Municipal Corporation’s Food Department was informed about this matter, their team visited Papa Louis Pizza restaurant for inspection. During the inspection, the team found unhygienic conditions in the restaurant, including the presence of dirt in the kitchen area. Shocked by the unsanitary conditions and the lack of a food license, the Food Department team decided to take action. They requested the restaurant to obtain the necessary food license, which they had failed to acquire until then. As a consequence of the unhygienic conditions and the absence of a license, the restaurant was sealed.

Compromising People’s Health Due to Branded Food Outlets

People often face health issues with branded food outlets in the city of Ahmedabad. People frequent branded pizza outlets, restaurants, and hotels for dining, but sometimes living organisms or foreign objects are found in the food. Restaurants and hotel owners are supposed to follow food safety regulations, but many of these branded food outlets fail to adhere to any form of safety regulations. Contaminations, such as the presence of pests, are often discovered in hotel kitchens. The Food Department of the Municipal Corporation conducts occasional inspections, and in some cases, penalties are imposed. However, hotel and restaurant owners usually manage to evade penalties and continue to operate without proper compliance with safety standards, leading to health concerns for the public.

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