ASBL Redefines Modern Living with the Launch of ASBL LOFT

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ASBL’s new project – ASBL LOFT is built on the principles of ‘design thinking‘ philosophy and features 894 exclusive 3BHKs in 2 Towers spread across 4.92 acres of premises. Each unit comes with a room-sized Outdoor Living balcony and is priced from ₹1.57 Cr. onwards.

The project addresses crucial pain points of modern-day homebuyers like Childcare, Fitness and Wellness, and Work-from-home friendliness of residential communities, through a suite of premium services available to its residents.

The project features a 55,000 sft. clubhouse and an ‘Urban Corridor‘, inspired by the success of mixed-use development principles in alpha cities worldwide, to facilitate convenience, activity, and a healthy environment.

ASBL, a new-age real estate company, has announced the launch of its newest project LOFT, a high-rise residential community that addresses the lifestyle pain points of modern homebuyers. LOFT features exclusive 3BHK units with outdoor living balconies and is spread across 4.92 acres in the Financial district, and Its construction will be completed in December 2026, a relatively quicker completion period made possible by ‘Inncircles Arena‘, their ‘digital twin‘ technology that streamlines the construction process significantly. The project offers a suite of premium services such as childcare access, fitness and wellness, and work-from-home friendliness for residential communities, making it easier for residents to balance their work and personal lives.

ASBL announced the launch of its new project ASBL LOFT

ASBL LOFT has been thoughtfully designed after conducting extensive research on customers lifestyle requirements, with the help of the global research agency, Kantar. The meticulously curated childcare facility is spread across 22,000 sft (including a 5,000 sft crche). Various fitness amenities cover over 30,000 sft, including a gym, calisthenics studio, and badminton courts. Additionally, LOFT is also home to a WFH-friendly Co-Working Space (5,500 sft). Each flat at LOFT comes with a room-sized balcony that incorporates the principles of ‘biophilic design‘, a philosophy that focuses on the blending of nature and architecture.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Ajitesh Korupulu, Founder & CEO of ASBL, said, “Customer preferences have changed significantly in recent years. Our research has pointed us towards some broader issues that residents are facing today. It has led us to understand that childcare, fitness, work-life balance, and reconnecting with nature are the pressing issues of modern lifestyle which a home can play a significant part in solving. ASBL LOFT addresses the pain points of modern homebuyers holistically.”

Based on in-depth research conducted with Kantar to arrive closer to the needs of today’s homebuyers, ASBL Loft has been thoughtfully designed to cater to five critical lifestyle aspects:

1. Elevating Home Space Experience: ASBL LOFT embraces Biophilic Design, introducing room-sized outdoor living balconies. These spaces, adorned with vertical landscaping, offer a unique connection to nature, reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being. Adding a touch of luxury, the project boasts larger living rooms in its segment with impressive 105″ floor-to-ceiling heights.

2. The Innovation of Urban Mixed-Use Spaces: ASBL LOFT pioneers ‘urban corridors’ on the ground floor of each tower, dedicated to a range of convenience-based amenities. From childcare and supermarkets to pharmacies and co-working spaces, these corridors redefine convenience. Moreover, wider EPDM paved tracks encourage outdoor activities and social interaction.

3. Promoting an Active Lifestyle: ASBL’s research has found that wellness is a daily, active pursuit. ASBL LOFT offers residents access to a versatile fitness studio designed to accommodate various fitness regimens, from calisthenics and strength training to yoga and aerobics. This diverse range of options keeps workouts engaging and residents motivated to achieve their fitness goals.

4. Crafting a Work-From-Home Friendly Community: ASBL LOFT recognizes the changing dynamics of work and living. The project features an expansive co-working space complete with 24*7 power backup, high-speed FiberNet connectivity, and adaptable furniture. This setup creates an ideal professional environment within the community, aligning with the growing trend of remote work.

ASBL LOFT features an expansive co-working space

5. Modernizing Childcare: For many working parents, balancing professional commitments and parenting is a challenge. ASBL LOFTs innovative creche facility addresses this need by offering flexible timings, staying open until 8 pm. Designed with insights from prominent child psychologists, the creche provides educational indoor spaces and outdoor play structures, ensuring childrens holistic development while alleviating the stresses faced by working parents.

These thoughtful design elements reflect ASBLs commitment to understanding and meeting the evolving needs of modern homebuyers, setting a new benchmark for premium housing in India.

With an unwavering focus on health, convenience, socialization and naturally connected lifestyle, the design philosophy of ASBL LOFT is built on a deep understanding of contemporary lifestyle.

LOFT Website: Click Here Walkthrough Video: Click Here

About ASBL

ASBL is a new age real estate company. Over the years, ASBL has carved a niche in the field of construction technology through robust backend systems in place. Their focus is delivering high-quality products in committed timelines.

In a short span, ASBL has successfully planned the construction of more than 10 Million sq. ft. of Residential Area in Hyderabad’s top locations – Khajaguda, Kokapet, Pocharam, and Gachibowli. The brand is seizing every opportunity to bring about distinct, avant-garde offerings to their patrons. ASBL has four major projects: ASBL Spectra, ASBL Spire, ASBL Springs and ASBL Lakeside. With their feet firmly planted in the present, they are ready to take a leap into the glorious future that awaits its patrons.

ASBL LOFT Contact Details: +91 8047109111

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