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Shocking Discovery: Cockroach Emerges from Soup at Pizza Restaurant – Unveiling a Disturbing Incident!

In Bharuch, an alarming incident has shaken food enthusiasts. The hobby of dining out can now turn out to be a health hazard. Near Bharuch’s Shravan Chowkadi, a video has surfaced showing a worm emerging from a soup at Helios Pizzeria. The entire incident has gone viral. The joy of enjoying pizza turned into a bitter experience for the young people here. When the youth, in anger, witnessed the filthiness in the restaurant’s kitchen, they confronted the unhygienic reign of insects both in the fridge and on live creatures. This has brought the hotel’s managers, who were previously confident, under serious scrutiny. Several stories of living organisms emerging from the food have repeatedly come to light. The serious negligence of the restaurant staff and management will now face strict action.

Ahmedabad’s Famous Pizza Outlets and the Burger-Salad Conundrum

On the other side, two well-known pizza outlets in Ahmedabad have been in the spotlight for serving burgers and salads.

Similarly, a popular restaurant in Ahmedabad, British Pizza, gained attention when a video of a salad served there went viral. On Tuesday, another incident occurred where the outlet named ‘Real Paprika’ witnessed a video going viral, showcasing an insect emerging from a burger.


This information reveals that in the clothing hub of the city, incidents involving burgers and salads have been reported in British Pizza’s outlet. The video of this incident has gone viral on social media, sparking anger among the people. The British Pizza restaurant is located near the Vastral Metro Station in the bustling area of the city. The viral video showed a person starting to eat a salad before finding a small insect of white color in it.

Real Paprika: Outbreak from Real Paperica’s Outlet

On Tuesday, yet another incident unfolded. In a well-known pizza outlet named Real Paprika in New Ranip, a video surfaced where an insect was found in a burger. The entire matter came to light in front of the customer when the cashier displayed the entire case before serving the burger. The customer raised questions not only about the cleanliness of the kitchen but also about the utensils and ingredients used.

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