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Ahmedabad Diner Discovers Live Caterpillar in Real Paprika Burger, Files Complaint with AMC Food Department

In hotels and restaurants in Ahmedabad, incidents of live creatures emerging from food occasionally come to light, as was the case when a live worm emerged from a burger at a well-known branded pizza center in the New Ranip area. The incident was brought to the manager’s attention, and a video of the live worm emerging had gone viral on social media. The matter was also reported to the Municipal Corporation’s food department.

Meeting the Manager after the Incident of a Live Worm Emergence

Based on the available information, a youth named Nikhil visited the Real Pepper Pizza Center, located near Manekji Circle in the New Ranip area. He placed an order for a burger and a pizza, but when the burger was served, he found a piece of a live worm in it. Shocked by the discovery, he showed it to the manager present there. Concerned about the presence of living organisms in items served in the restaurant, he reported the matter to the Municipal Corporation’s food department.

Cautionary Measures before Ordering at a Branded Pizza Center

The incident of a live worm found in a burger at a branded pizza center has prompted a complaint to the Municipal Corporation’s food department. Such incidents of living creatures emerging from food in branded pizza centers and hotel restaurants in the city have been occurring frequently. In the last two months alone, there have been four to five cases of live creatures emerging from items at branded pizza centers. Now, people are advised to exercise caution and refrain from consuming items from such establishments before checking them thoroughly.

Inspection and Sealing Operations in Vastral’s British Pizza Center

On the other side of the city, in Vastral’s Ring Road, an incident of live worms found in a sing salad at the British Pizza Center led to a video being uploaded on social media. This led to customer outrage, and the customer also clicked pictures with Eyal, along with a burger, in the restaurant. The Municipal Corporation’s food department needs to conduct stringent checks and sealing operations in such branded pizza centers and restaurants now.

Need for Stringent Checks and Sealing Operations by the Food Department

The Food Department of the Municipal Corporation should conduct rigorous checks and sealing operations in such branded pizza centers. The increasing incidents of such occurrences demand immediate action. While the team of the Corporation’s food department is satisfied with imposing fines ranging from 10 to 15,000, it is essential to undertake more stringent measures to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in restaurants and branded pizza centers.

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