Viral Video: BJP Leader Greeted with Shoe Hurling Amid Lok Sabha Polls – Fact Check

In Haryana, the campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections is in full swing. Twenty-five men per booth will cast their votes daily for the 10 Lok Sabha seats in the state’s sixth phase. Meanwhile, two videos are going viral on social media. A claim is being made that these videos are part of the election campaign running in the state.

The first video claims that during the election campaign in Haryana, people had made BJP leaders wear shoes as a mark of defeat. At the same time, another video alleges that farmers had vandalized the stage of Haryana’s CM, Deputy Saini. We investigated the entire incident to find out the truth behind these viral claims.

First Claim:

A verified user Payal Gupta writes in her tweet – “Nowadays, BJP is having such bad days that people are making them wear shoes around their necks.”

A tweet was made from a fake account named Sandeep Chaudhary’s Commentry. The tweet read: “Welcome with a garland of lies, Uncle made fun.”

News has been written till there, till then 10 thousand people had liked this tweet. There, 3 thousand people had retweeted it. Sandeep Chaudhary’s account, named ‘Commentri’, is followed by more than 48 thousand people.

Is the viral claim true?

To verify the claim, we performed a reverse search of the keyframe of the viral video on Google Images. It was found that this video is not recent but from the year 2018. This incident is not from Haryana but from Madhya Pradesh.

In reality, the entire incident is from Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, where during election campaigning, people had made BJP leader Dinesh Sharma wear shoes.

This entire incident was covered by the relevant tweet news agency ANI on January 7, 2018.

Misleading Claims Regarding 2018 Video

It is clear that the video from 2018 is being shared with false claims that it is related to recent Lok Sabha elections. Thus, this viral claim is deceptive and misleading.

Another Claim

User Arun Rana wrote in his tweet – This video is said to be from Haryana, where farmers demolished the pandal of Deputy Chief Minister Naib Singh Saini. BJP workers attacked from behind, even the police participated! It seems like farmers have taken revenge for crossing the line, they have turned the dream of crossing 400 into water!

For verification purposes, we conducted a reverse search on the video’s keyframe on Google Images. During our investigation, we found a video from TV9, a news channel.

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