Viral Video: Rajkot Street Altercation – Ex-Wife Pursues, Assaults Ex-Husband as Bystanders Capture Dramatic Scene

In Rajkot, a recent incident unfolded where a group, including a woman, engaged in a public altercation near the Swaminarayan Temple on Kalavad Road. The incident, captured in a viral video, shows six individuals being assaulted by the police. The primary investigation by the police suggests that the confrontation arose from a dispute involving a woman who, having disputes with her former husband, was getting married to another man. The police took action to restore peace and tranquility and have initiated legal proceedings against all the individuals involved in the altercation.

Filed a Complaint for Self-Defense

According to available information, a violent incident occurred near Naklang Tea Stall close to the Swaminarayan Temple on Kalavad Road. The entire incident was captured on video, wherein an individual, along with a woman, was seen chasing someone after smashing a pipe. Following the initial attack, the assailants filed a complaint for self-defense against the person they had assaulted. The woman involved in the incident now claims that she was defending herself, and the other person involved in the altercation was verbally abusive.

Police Takes Swift Action Following Viral Video

A video that went viral on social media showed the Malaviya Nagar police in action. Acting upon information regarding the potential creation of a roadblock near Kalavad Road adjacent to Nakkalang Hotel, the police swiftly conducted a search operation, detaining those suspected of disrupting public order. In the video, the police can be seen apprehending all the accused promptly. During their interrogation, the video shows a young woman and a man engaged in conversation. The man, purportedly the ex-husband of the woman, allegedly confronted her over her recent marriage to another man, leading to a commotion.

Young Woman Faces Assault Following Second Marriage

A young woman faced assault from her ex-husband after marrying another man. The incident led to a public confrontation where the accused youth, seeking to defend himself, appealed to the onlookers for help. The police promptly intervened, and the young woman, identified as Muskan Karimbhai Shahmadar, along with Shabbir Kalabhai Rsvadi, Ashif Anwar Shahmadar, Kishan Vinubhai Tidani, Raj Mahendrabhai Bambhaniya, and Kadar Anwarbhai Pathan, were apprehended for their involvement in the altercation. The police have taken action against them, charging them for disturbing public peace.

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