Tragic Road Mishap in Surat: Student Fatally Hit, Catapulted 12 Feet, Thrown 30 Feet by Car and Two-Wheeler Collision, Shocking CCTV Footage Emerges

Fatal Accident in Surat: Two-Wheeler Rider Hit by Car, Dies

In a tragic incident in Surat, a young man riding a two-wheeler was struck by a car on Pal Gaurav Path Road. The impact of the collision, where the two-wheeler rider was catapulted approximately 12 feet high and landed about 30 feet away on the road, proved fatal. The entire incident has been captured on CCTV cameras.

On the other hand, a family is grieving over the death of a young man in another accident. The police have apprehended the car driver responsible for the accident, and legal proceedings are underway.

This comprehensive incident has been recorded on nearby CCTV cameras, showing the moment when the two-wheeler rider was hit by the car and thrown several feet away. The police have taken prompt action, arresting the driver and initiating legal proceedings.

Deceased Biker Was Pursuing Studies in Biocomputing for the Past Year

As per available information, Pravinbhai Patel, a trader residing near Palanpur village in Surat, was pursuing his studies in biocomputing. Originally from Danodar village, Pravinbhai, son of Hargovindbhai Patel, currently lives in Crystal Heights near Jalaram School in Palanpur. Pravinbhai works as an LIC agent and resides with his wife and son Dhruvang, who is studying commerce at K.P. College.

Tragic Incident as 20-Year-Old Meets with a Fatal Accident

Yesterday morning at around 11:30 AM, Dhruvang Patel, a 20-year-old, went out on his two-wheeler to meet a friend. After meeting his friend, Dhruvang was on his way back home when the unfortunate incident occurred. While crossing the road near Gaurav Path, he collided with an oncoming Volkswagen car. Dhruvang, who was wearing a helmet, suffered severe injuries, including a 12-foot high impact on his chest, and was found lying about 30 feet away from the road.

Despite the immediate response and attempts to provide medical assistance, Dhruvang succumbed to his injuries at the accident site. The incident took place at the road intersection near Savvy Circle, after crossing Gaurav Path Road. The driver of the Volkswagen, involved in the accident, has been taken into custody, and further investigations are underway.

Police Detain Car Driver, Release on Bail After Investigation

Following the incident in Banavani, the police promptly arrived at the scene to initiate an investigation. The police detained the car driver, seized the vehicle involved in the unfortunate accident, and conducted a thorough examination. The entire case led to the apprehension of 18-year-old car driver Dev Nitin Patel. The police have taken legal action against him and subsequently released him on bail.

During the questioning and investigation, it was revealed that the accused possesses a valid learning license for driving. However, after the police detained the car driver, he was released on bail, allowing him temporary freedom while legal proceedings continue.

Dhruvang – The Only Son of His Parents

Dhruvang was the only son of his parents, known for his intelligence and diligence. He was a dedicated student, pursuing his education at the prestigious K.P. Commerce College in Surat. The family’s joy, he unexpectedly met with an untimely demise, leaving the entire family devastated.


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